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Visit to the EC site (Laketowers C3 & C4) & a talk with the watchman

I have visited the Lake tower C3 & C4 yesterday & had a talk with the site watchman during which he explained to me that currently they're concentrating on C3 tower, with consultant and contractors staff & labour full time on site for a target handover within few months, after which will be followed by tower C4 (which I am planning to buy a 2 BR into). I don't know how true is that, perhaps he was just telling what was told to him for whoever passes by and inquires about the projects' status.

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Becon Construction LLC

Becon Construction LLC
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Lavender Tower

I bought a unit in Lavender Tower however in Humaid City not Emirates City back in 2008 for the price of AED 368, 000/- through Al Rashed Real Estate through a broker in Dubai Called Caspian Properties ! After I completed the payment of AED 111, 825 /- I did not receive any further correspondences from the real estate and I was advised that Rashed Real Estate closed down and that I should swap my unit with an other unit in Dubai Marina ( which I did not )!I called today R holdings and was advised that I could do swapping with with then and take a unit in Emirates City !


All of Lake View Investors are trying to get some answers and finally we are working collectively as a group....

Individually all of have failed, we are trying to see if ARRA or R Holding or someone will work with us a group...As of right now we are at-least 50 man deep...inshallah we will have more than 100 people as part of our group....

If you invested in LAKE VIEW or know anyone else, please tell them to fill out this we can move forward as a group to demand some answers....

Star Giga - Letter for more payment

Hi All,
I have received another letter from Star Giga asking me for payment. There are some contact info for them at the end of the mail. Maybe someone can contact them as I am in South africa at the moment.
Also is there any truth to their stating that there is progress on the towers??

Anyone been to EC recently

Ref: 2014/18-GCDA/A2302-3578
February 05, 2014
Dear Customer:
Goldcrest Dreams Tower A: Payment Request
Property: A2302 | Account: 2000-3578

Greetings from Star Giga!

New desalination plant for Ajman

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