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update from C2&3

update from C2&3

update from C2&3

update from C2&3

1bed , B7 , for sale

Dear all
I have one bed apartment in B7 from Sweethomes for sale.
Any one interested , please contact me :
Best Regards,

B7 , 1Bed

I have one unit (1bed , B7 , Sweethomes ) for sale.
Any one interetsed , can send me an email to :
Mobile No.056-1931893
Best Regards,

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Hopeless Situation

Going to court and winning the case seems that does not get your money back.
The only solution is ARRA canceling the projects and auctioning off their assets just like what Dubai courts are doing now.
EC needs 3rd parties to take over the dead projects.

Great news from Shava

Great news from Shava, for which I express my gratitude to him numerous
See below for link

Emirates City Ajman Construction Status May - 2014 & Photos from New Angles

Considerable improvement in the construction speed in Ajman Emirates City, Construction speed is ongoing..It is going to become a great neighbourhood..

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Why Emiratescity has failed

The Eye tower.... developer Ajman Gov
EmiratesGate tower... developer Ajman Gov
Rose tower.... Develper Ajman Gov
Paradise lake towers.... Developer Ajman Gov
Laveder and Lilies almost ready.. developer Ajman Gov
And we end up blaming Chapal and Stargiga..

How to recover money padi

I have booked a flat Goldcrest II towera, Unit; 1912B tOWER II
and paid almost AED 200000 but project still not complete.
Any suggestion or advice how to recover money paid.
BN Agarwal

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