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Sweet Homes Group participated Cityscape Exhibition 2016

Sweet Homes Group participated Cityscape Exhibition 2016

EC the dream that faded out

Finally i have got my flat after waiting of 6 years and payment of a price which higher by 45% of the current market rate , may be i am much better than others who don't know about thier chances to get thier flat or thier money back, but it's not as we expect. Very poor finishing, material of very low quality ,bad car parking , improper AC and sucking system , high utilities rate and greedy developers

Planning to Shift in C4

I am planning to hire one apartment 1BHK. The rent is tentatively 25~26k.
My question is
1. What is the status of internet connection by Etisalat in C4 towers
2. I am currently living in Rolla sharjah and have elife conenction installed, can I get it shifted here in C4.
3. What are the electricity charges in this area at present.
4. what is the condition of water, like for laundry or bathing
5. Any issues from Sewage side.

I have small family and I have infant baby also. I can not compromise of any environmental issues.
please advise and guide me through.

Kamran H

faisalek can you put me in touch with client of al Salim advocates that won case against sweethomes?

faisalek can you put me in touch with client of al Salim advocates that won case against sweethomes?

After Completion Charges

Hi There,

I need some help, i own a flat in emiratescity C15 MR Tower, The developer has received the completion certificate and requesting the following hidden charges, Can somebody validate those?

My flat size is 1195 Sq.Feet 2 BHK.

1. 2% Handover Charge

2. Admin Charge

3. Maintenance Charge

4. Initial Title Deed

How much i should expect my cost?

MajedTamimi's picture

Warning, they will cheat your money.

I Am renting an apartment in this project, and the electricity bill surprised me very well, it was over priced in a way that looks like blackmailing, even in London i never seen such prices, i received a bill to $1,500 in water and electricity, i went to ask why, they said it is written in the contract, but when i reviewed the contract , they mention it in a very foxy fraudulent way, which will be very hard to notice it. then i told them i will not pay, they said we will cut your water and electricity, and they said in this area government does not give electricity, so we are controlling.

Services change

Some developers are asking for 8 AED per sq.ft instead of 4 AED as agreed earlier.let us share information about this topic to unify our stand


Close to AL WATAN UNIVERSITY... something good must be happening......

Need Advice willing to Purchase apartment in Emirates CIty Ajman

Dear All,

Please advice I am interested to purchase 1BHK for myself in Emirates City, advice if its good or not.

Kind Regards,

Pending Towers

While developers of Orbit Tower C5 are absconded, then what going to be happened with this tower, It has already been completed till 24th floor. As per my last visit to AREA , they told me that if they are going to handover it some new developer to complete it further in next few months.
Some of the towers have already been completed and life has already been started and I hope soon we will get good news about Orbit tower as well.
I have attached new pics.

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