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Unit For Sale In Lilies Tower, Emirates City

Dear Visitors
There is some ready unites to live with parking in Lilies Tower, for sale.
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms

For more details, contact us:

Facilities around Emirates City

The Ajman City Center is a 10 mins drive so all groceries can be bought for the week there, we also have Cooperatives in ajman with fresh and better priced fruits vegs and other groceries.
To me living in Emirates City has made a big difference to my cost of living compared to when I was renting my flat in Dubai.
As soon as they sort the electricity rate all should be good.
That will need pressure from Owners since Sweet Homes / R Holdings owners are quite cheap and look to make money as far as they can ! They need to be given a hard knock on their knees.

E-life and Fewa in B5. I am planning to move in. But would only prefer if this is available.

Just wondering if B5 has any E-life service and FEWA connected

B4 has reached 18th floor and proposed handover is March 2017

B4 has reached 18th floor and proposed handover is March 2017.

Of course we have all heard that before.

Police on site today

Police were there at B 10 and 11 owners with delay hv filed cases. Keep the pressure through the court. They hv to complete the buildings.

B6 Tower 2 BHK 1195 Sq.ft Ready for RENT

Dear buddy
Any of the forum members and their friends/relative need of Flat for rent 2 BHK in B6 tower area 1195 Sqft with one car park is available starting from 13th March 2016; Please let me know without any commission we can make it out

Living in B5

Do you live in B5? What's it like? How are the other residents? Are the pool and gym facilities up and running? Is the carpark at the front sorted? Would really appreciate your feedback to these questions over the next few months as things progress.
Investor in B5 living in the UK :-)

Looking for 3 or 4 bed room Apartment for Rent in Emirates City direct from Landowner

I am looking for 3 or 4 bed room apartment for Rent without agents in the middle

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