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Two active editors are needed

As you know, these days number of nonsense posts is increasing. We need two volounteer who will be in charge of removing any advertisement among the post by deleting blocking the users.
This job is easy and by three click you can delete all the posts of that user.
The volounteer should be one of the active members of the forum.
Please send me a message for this purpose.

Emirates City Forum web site sabotaged

someone has been paid to sabotage this website, you don't have to think very hard to find out who's behind this: mmmm developers, master developers..... who's ever has interest in this.. but the good thing is they've failed to silence investors over the years and the won't go away. we will be demanding our right for as long as it takes.

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Has anyone swapped projects via Rholding and if so how?

new information

The company's website Holiday the following information:

Latest News about Emirates City ( 10/10/2013)

Updates fotos from Sweet Homes

Good day to all!
The company's website SWEET Homes posted updated photos of the project Paradise Lakes. To this day, on the site were posted April photos of the project.

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Where is the Justice in Ajman?

Dear Rholding...
Six years of holding on to my money...
Zero construction on the Eye tower...
No reply to my requests for swap or refund...
And you are owned by the rulers...
Where is the justice in Ajman?

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Dh30,000 in savings: New Dubai committee to settle property dispute for free

Property investors will be able to save Dh30,000 plus in court fees as the Dubai Land Department (DLD) will set up a new settlement committee from next week to resolve disputes.

“The committee will aim to resolves disputes and issue refunds to investors by auctioning the project,” said Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General, DLD.

“People who generally pay over Dh30,000 in court fees will not have to pay anything. The committee will work free of charge,” he added.

No details were shared how investors could file their claims and the time taken to resolve the disputes.

sweethomes coming to london to meet investors

Email received from sweethomes. Will let you know how meeting goes. You never know we might make progress. Any advice?

> Dear Valued customer,
> A visit to meet our valued customer of London branch is planned in end of September month to discuss and resolve the pending issues you may be having .
> A confirm date of our visit to London will be intimated order to enable the prior appointments .
> Also requested to send your email of issues to be considered .
> Anwar
> 00971-50-877-8179

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This useless agency Arra is not in coma

Ajman Real Estate Regulatory issued its annual report for 2011/2012
Foundation issued Ajman Real Estate Regulatory its first annual report for the year 2011/2012, which sheds light on the most important achievements of the organization during this period.

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