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B4 progress

Dear friends

Can anyone advise as to whether B4 has made any further progress in the last 30 days. Please advise which floor construction is at and whether there is daily construction activity at the site.

Many thanks


Any one here sued Sweet homes to claim the money back? what is the best way to get back the payment done since years to Sweet Homes ? I have paid almost 80% of the property value every time i do get false completion date, i am really fed up no much help from ARRA ! Any one will help me here to recover the dead investment with Sweet homes? they have asked me to take 50% what i have paid after waiting for all these years ? more than 6 years ! look at their adds in the Facebook and website ! Your deem will come to reality this year ? How ?

Utility Bills

Hi All,

I had an interesting conversation from one of my agents trying to let out my apartment. It seems that she went to show a tenant my apartment and came across a utility bill which was open she notice the KW was 95fils which has put of the tenant. Ok that's bad enough but how have I managed to get a utility bill when no one is living in the apartment.

Can it be that the agents/Sweet Homes are letting out apartments without the knowledge of the owners I hope this is not the case.


Dear forum members,
Many owners has been called By REIE to hear the good news that C4 LAKE TOWERS is completed After 10 days!

REIE want all open installments to be paid now

Anybody also have been called Or have Any news about this?



HELLO ALL ... Hope you all well, I'm sorry to hear about this devastating fire, PLZ can anyone inform us of where is actually this fire? Is this fire inside Emirates City Projects? Anybody Hurts?
Can everyone with information please participate...
Thanks guys

Sweet Homes

Anyone looking to buy an apartment from Sweet Homes please be careful they are not a trustworthy company to deal with. Please do not take handover of your apartment until you have discuss this with ARRA. As we found out Sweet Homes should have resolved all issues municipality before handing over the project.

Also be careful when you are looking to rent the apartment there are to many agents willing to take on your property but just sit holding the keys.

chapal glory

we have bought an apartment in chapal glory. it is delayed for too long now. is there any one here who has purchased in chapal glory.

Plz advise

i am new buyer in EC and i am thinking to buy one bedroom in Lilies Tower or one of the Paradise lake towers ready units to rent it as investment so i need your help to make decision and to choose one of them since i live outside UAE and i don't have enough information about EC and will come for short time only ,

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