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Chapal world

Any new news or gossip regarding those crooks???
I noticed the is up and running again.

Flat Registration

Dear Friends,

Good Day!

i am new to this site, please any one can advice, How to do the Flat registration in the Ajman land department to make the flat on my name.

i have a flat in Lavender Tower which is already opened long back and i have paid full flat payment to R holding, i am currently not in UAE, so kindly advice me the procedure and related fee.

also do we need to present personally for registration.



Pls can anyone give me update on tower paradise lake b8
I still have not had the keys etc
Email me on thx


Hi is there anyone with sweet homes who bought Ludicia which is handover on 2018? would like when the construction starting? thanks.

Apartment for rent

Am looking for a 2bedroom apartment for rent in B5... anyone with idea pls let me know.

Whatsapp group -Lilies Tower --Emirates City in general - Ajman 00971 55 9690 219

Whatsapp group -Lilies Tower --Emirates City

Hello Everybody,
Let`s keep in touch as resident and owners in Lilies Tower or Emirates City in general, Support and update each other,
Whoever interested please send me your number, 00971 55 9690 219

Emirates City Etisalat Internet Problem

Hello folks, I had been using Etisalat 4G (Interim) since January 2016 in Paradise Lake Tower and last month Etisalat has disconnected/canceled my internet account. After visiting their business center I came to know that Etisalat Fiber Optic Cable is available in Emirates City and they will not be providing 4G services in that area anymore. Furthermore, they told me to request to the building management to get the wiring socket installed through Etisalat team in the area so that they will provide us eLife.

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I see some work going on the B2 tower.

Flat for Sale/Rent.

I have one 2 bed+small room+3 bath in B-9 (Praradise lakes) for sale/rent facing emirates road on 20th floor. Please contact : 00971507876297.

BL Properties Ajman

Hi every one....

Does someone has any news regarding BL Properties?

Royal Oasis tower etc...


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