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Electricity tariff in Lavender Tower in EC

Dear All,
We need one hard copy of electricity tariff in Lavender Tower(EC) as a proof so that we can show to AREA the difference(In Lavender Tower it is 50 fils where as in B5/B6/B9 it is 95 fils)of electricity tariff with in EC.
Can any one collect one photo copy and send it to me( by scanning.

Chapal - Glory

Hello All
I am having a property with Chapal Glory; tried getting updates from here n there but doesnt looks like anything is happening... any idea what should be the next step ?






B5/B6/B9 owners update list

Thanks UMAPATHY, KPR1950, ABDUL SAMAD for your popsitive response.
We have to write our name with contact number/Email ID with property details, like-
1) DINO- 050-3562805(
2) Ataullah-050-5164221(
and so on
Please update your details as mentioned above.
Once we are several then we can share and utilize our experience jointly to solve several unexpected issues, like- at present most unexpected issue is electricity tariff rate( 95 fils/KWH)given by best option RE, which is just double of Lavender tower in EC(50 fils/kwh)

B5/B6/B9 owners list

I hope, we have to make a list of B5/B6/B9 owners and work jointly to solve all the unexpected issues, like- SH nominated best option real estate and they demanded the electricity tariff is 80 and 95 fils per unit for B5/B6/B9 where as in lavender tower it is 50 fils per unit and in Ajman city tariff is 40 ~ 45 fils per unit only. So no one should agree to give tariff more than 50 fils.

Lavender Tower Handover Date

Dear all,
does anybody know about the progress of the Lavender Tower and it's estimated handover date?


Electricity tariff for B5/B6/B9

Dear All,
Can any one tell me what is the electricity tariff where generator is used either in Lavender tower(EC) or in main Ajman city because BEST OPTION REAL ESTATE sent me documents(attached) where they mentioned approved utility tariff for electricity/water are 0.95 fils/kwh and 0.08 fils/gallon respectively for B5/B6/B9.
Sweethomes is thinking investors are valued customers, so we(SH) can do good business over a long period of times.
please give you comments

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Handover notification of flat in B9 Tower

I have received sms as below
"Dear customer you have a total outstanding amount of AED ₹₹₹₹₹₹₹ for you unit No.&&, Paradise Lake Tower B9. The unit is ready for possession since November 2014, you are therefore required to pay within 7 days otherwise as per Developer Instruction the file will be transferred to the Developers attorney for further action."

1. Has anybody took over possession of flat in B9. If so what are the steps need to follow?
2. I want to rent out and I am not staying UAE. What will be the best option for me.
3. As per my old agreement maintenance charge is DH 4 per square ft. Per year. And amount will be charged at the beginning of the year. As on today it is 8 month over. Are they charging pro rata basis?
4. What is the status of utility services( water sewage and Power)? If utility services are not in place, how can we occupy the flat ?

Electric/Water Outsourcing

I have received a text message saying

"The developer outsourced facility management and utility services (Electricity and Water) of Paradise Lake Towers to Best Option. To avail these services contact Mr Raza +9715088861781"

Not sure what does it relates to? Any idea?

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