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D3 doing very good

D3 doing very good

C4 just now

C4 just now

Need advice before shifting

Dear all,

I am planning to shift in Emirates city and visited Paradise Lakes last week. There I met Mr. Shahzad along with security guy at reception desk of building B5 I think. He gave me 2 apartment numbers to look at. They were 2BHK, 981 sqft and 1166 sqft. The rent he told me was 28k and 32k respectively. Is this the correct value you people are paying?

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New definition of Crooks

"The name Chapal World is still synonymous with those principles of excellence, quality, commitment and personal service. Chapal World worldwide reputation as a developer of integrity and solid repute continues to grow with each passing day."

D 3 Good Progressing

D 3 Good Progressing

Termination Notice by Develper

Have any body received Termination notice from a Developer despite paid the amount until hand over?
If so, what is the recourse?

Etisalat Connection

Dear All,

Can Someone inform me the latest update about Etisalat (Elife) connection in Paradise Lakes Tower B2-B9.
Also anyone have any idea about when those generators going to convert to FIWA?
Please share it if you have any news regarding.


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