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10th anniversary of Rholding's SCAM

10th anniversary of Rholding's SCAM

Ten years on with zero construction and no money back. CROOKS

BL properties still no recovery from builders

Has anyone lately followed ARRA update on cash recovery for investors who put money in BL Properties ? I lost 241k AED with them and still wait for refund.

Mrs Yasir

BL Properties - HAs anyone got any new news on these crooks

Went to ARRA back in Sept 2014 but nothing has happened and no new updates anywhere regarding BLPropety projects.
They seems to be building all over Emirates City except BL projects.

ARRA just keep saying they have no new update yet, I very reluctant to believe them. ARRA know already if BL never plans to come back.


No Internet From Etisalat in Whole Emirates City Ajman

No Internet From Etisalat in Whole Emirates City Ajman Only Lavender Tower has Elife What about Rest of Towers

any idea about Same please share your Experience

title dead fees

hi all , i will come next Sunday to buy flat from sweet homes , resale one and its ready with payment plan so i want to know how much i should pay to Ajman real estate authority to get the title dead or any other official document to use it in renting the flat, thank for usual help

EC Main Street this night after lighting

EC Main Street this night after lighting
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The Rose tower

The Rose tower

Picture courtesy of Emirates city ajman uae Facebook.. I thank them.

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Goldcrest Business Vistas

Dear Stargiga CROOKS, After ten years of free use of my money your website says this project is on hold.
How long more my money is going to be on hold?
Is the ajman land of anything goes?
No rules, no laws, no dignity and everyone is a crook?

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