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Paradise Lake

Hi Guys,

During 2006 I purchased an apartment (B4 Paradise Lake).. biggest mistake of my life!

Is there an update regarding refunds ? Is the legal system any good in UAE?

Since the London office closed I have never been contacted by SH nor have they every emailed me re my apartment. Is this the norm with everyone else?

Sorry if this has been covered in a previous thread.. i'm a newbie.


Investors outside of UAE

What concerns me about all this is the requirement of having to go in person or appoint a power of attorney. If one lives-as do hundreds of investors-outside of UAE then there is the issue of time off work,air ticket and transport expense. If one does not know anyone then it is trying to appoint power of attorney through the court via email! Yeah- right-as if that would be easy! My point is this-to buy we never had to go in person-it was all done over phone,email and scanned documents! This is then just a way to not return investors money who reside outside of UAE.

Can I swap from Shami Towers to a completed/ nearly completed project?

Can I swap from Shami Towers to a completed/ nearly completed project?

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Arra Information

Pursuant to the Amiri Decree No. 8 of 2008 and its amendments, concerning the regulation of joint ownership in the real estate projects and investment buildings in Ajman, ARRA calls the investors in BL Properties project (specified in PDf) to visit its office as of the 1st September, 2014 until 30th September,2014 along with ID, Copies of SPA/contract and payment Receipts.

Dear moderator, Good day!

Dear moderator, Good day!
I am one of the regular visitors to this site and do it several times a day.
I really appreciate that the opportunity provided by this website, as I live very far away from the UAE and I do not have the opportunity to come to this country in the near future.
In this regard, I am grateful that I can receive information, communicate, ask questions, express opinions, view photos, renovation construction project and so on.

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The Lavender tower has not been handed over yet...
Any guesses on what the holdup is???

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Stargiga Updates

Why is that all the pictures taken at night and they are not showing the height of the tower?

Ajman Uptown

Has anyone visited Ajman Uptown site of late and found any work going on? After posting occasional construction updates till May, the developers seem to have finally given up. Where have all the investors gone? Have they all recovered their money and disappeared or hoping that somehow work will get completed in the fullness of time, pressure or no pressure?

Fortune Residency

Any update on fortune residency ajman?

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