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2BHK 1195SQFT apartment available for rent from 01st April

My apartment 2BHK with one cover car park the existing tenant will be vacating by end of this month so if one of you interested please send me contact Nr or drop email umakok at gmail dot com I will contact you back Area 1195sqft and in B6 Paradise lake tower building Ajman
Thanking you in advance to contact me

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Seeking Lawyers with high experience to Fail a case against Sweet Home Ajman Kindly Respond..

Investment Year = 2007
Current Year = 2017
Developer Name: Sweet Homes Ajman
Paid though Escrow Account = YES
Paid Amount = 80% as per the agreed terms,
Delay in any payment = NO
Default in any payment = NO
Project Status = Half way though No progress
Handover Date =2009 - 2010
Age at Investment = 34
Current investor Age = 43
Investment Total Years = 10 Years; 1 Decade
Terms of Contract = Failed Handover date Later than 2010 – Complete Refund at 6% extra per Annam,
Approached ARRA Previously = Yes Several Times (Helpless, Asked to File a case)

Looking 1 BR for RENT - in Lilies Tower

Hi all,

I am looking for a 1BR directly from the owner in Lilies Tower.

Please let me know if any of you have an apartment in Lilies.




Lawyers with high experience with default developers in Ajman&Dubai

Dear members, I will be grateful for sharing some lawyers contact numbers for whose have experience or won some lawsuits against developers in Emirate city and I think many lawyers now have gained experiences in this area where hundreds of investors suffered and passed through tough and hard times and took some legal actions against the developers to get back their money and their life time savings .
This is my email:

work resume (Golf Tower Row A)

i have good news. the work has resumed in a tower which i am not sure of its name. i think it is Golf tower (see attachment). yesterday night, there were men working till midnight. Crane (lift) was also working. lights were on as well. as i said, i am not sure of the name, but 4 levels of parking is done since long time, and now they are working on 1st floor. it is in A row

First Investment - Confused about PDCs

Hi All,

I am looking to buy my first every property in Gold Crest Towers B - Ajman.

So the agent has told me that I will have to pay 30% as Down-payment, and rest in 24 Monthly installments in form of PDCs

Since, this is my first time, and PDCs can have legal repercussions, can you guys kindly guide me on:

1 - Whats the usual way to pay for Real-Estate payment plans in UAE?
2- Whether PDCs are the only option we have for investment in here?

B8 Paradise Lakes

Hello everybody, I would like to inquire about people who bought in B8 Paradise Lakes, Ajman. Is there something we can do to make them finish this building. Sweetlies (sweethomes) say it will be completed in December 2017. I went last week nobody is working on it, they working on B7. I think B7 may be ready by March 2018, and probably after that they may move and work on B8, which put it for 2019 or 2020.

Is there anything B8 investors can do to make these crooks finish this building before 2020? If you are B8 investor please register and let's get together.

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