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Sweethomes Website progress update??

Sweethomes website progress update showing only change of dates not the photos?

Lillies and Lavender

Hey Guys,

Just spoke to Rholdings to see what the latest is on handover of lavender and lillies.

They reckon Lavender will be handed over in April and Lillies before Septmember.

Once this happens I think it will rejuvenate confidence and hopefully progress once more.

It's still a long game though and I still will not be handing over any more money until things are on a much more clearer footing.

Road Construction in Emirates City Ajman

Emirates City Ajman Construction Status March April - 2014

Emirates City Ajman is back in the reckoning, These days Authorities are constructing road network in Emirates City, The work these days on Road construction is in full progress, the visitors to Emirates City Ajman in March could see huge stone crushers, road rollers working day and night on Road construction in Emirates City.

Check more details on below link

Hallo everybody out there

My Name is FRanky i am from Germany

Goldcrest dream 2


I m going to file a case in Ajman court against star giga company ,recently i met a lawyer and discussed everything in details about the situation of the contraction and the way how we can win the case
he advised me if I am knowing people who are already invested in goldcrest dream 2
to go as group in court

and who interested contact me on

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B9 2/3/2014

B9 2/3/2014
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Arra's Conflict of Interest

The chairman of Arra a ruling family member is also head of the Ajman Holdings the parent company of the AA properties the developer of the Ajman Boulevard. We all know that there hasn't been any resolution to return the investors money back from this failed project. How can we expect this agency to act impartial? Arra needs a higher regulator.

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