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I am coming to Ajman

I am coming to Ajman in February 2016
I am kindly requesting to meet anybody who make swap or get refund
Thank you

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Emiratescity 2016

There are 5 completed towers with people living in them. Lavender,Majestic,B5,B6 and B9.
Lilies is complete and maybe in process of handover.
Three towers are coming up in few months and they are MR,C4 and dreams A.
There is work on dreams B also but about two years to go for completion.
That is it out of 92 towers and no new activity on any other projects.

Emirates City Lake View 4 Aman Qureshi

Do you have any news about Lake view 4 ?

Any one from B-2 who got a swap or went to ARRA?

Hi to all the helpless, so called owners, of the B-2 building which stopped building since 2010.
I want to gather all the owners of the B-2 flats who have their hard earned money stuck with Sweet Homes. Want to discuss what are our ways out?

All those who swaped or were refunded or filed a case at ARRA, we request you to please guide us as we also put our saving and want a proper solution to it.

Many thanks to All.

looking for Apartment

Good Afternoon , how are you ? which area Ajman is upcoming I'm looking to buy Apartment , but don't which area to buy it ,,, do any UK British people live there ?? thanks

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Rholding's Day light robbery

Rholding's Day light robbery

The Eye tower scam still continues...
No construction, no money back!!!

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BSEL Pearl tower

Isn't Ajman a great place to invest???
You pay for your dream home and in return you get an article on pearls!!!
I find it very amusing!?!? is the article place on pearls...

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