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BL Properties

Went to Ajman ARRA back in September because of the Decree that was issues. ARRA wanted all investors in BL properties projects to come and complete a settlement form.

SO far nothing has happened with BL projects and at present they have no update status, ARRA answer last week is that they have no news yet. So 8 months later and BL doing nothing ARRA is still allowing BL to try and sell to new investors, BL given go ahead to plunder as much money as possible without having to honour their previous promises.

It's happening ?????

It's happening ?????

It's happening????

It's happening????

Good News

Sweet Homes has given handover notice for the first phase of villas in Ajman Uptown. I have to clear my dues and take the keys. Which is a great achievement even after so many years given the abysmal state of utility infrastructure in that area. One can only hope the authorities will upgrade electricity and water infrastructure in the entire Al Helio neighbourhood so that projects in Emirates City become feasible.

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Chapals new website

The chapals website has deleted all of their ajman projects.
This is seriously disturbing...

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Payment Notice: Goldcrest Dreams "Tower A"

Stargiga now charging me interest of UAD 60,000/-

Is there a limit to crookedness? This is beyond everything. They kept my money of 142K for 9 years and now they are asking me to pay interest. UAE has become a land of blackmailers.

Account Details:
Receivable (76.7%)
Parking Receivable
Current Due

R Holding / ARRA - NO shame - CROOKS Emirates City & Al Humaid City

R Holding / ARRA - NO shame - CROOKS

Both R Holding and ARRA have lied so much they have no got to actually believe their lies are actually the truth.

They have no real desire to push to complete any projects, because they have made so much money from investors for doing nothing - developers can never hope to achieve a better return then what they have achieve in Ajman.

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Shame on Rholding

So much for swap offer from Rholding sponsered by arra.
Charlestate is selling units of the lavender tower while this company has been holding my money for the eye tower for the last nine years....
What's wrong with this picture???

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