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Service Charges

Dear all,

Do you advise me to buy an apartment in this project

I want to buy one ready apartment in paradises lakes b6 for investment ,did you think in the futuer the prices will increase or not? The project still stop or standing?


hi i have a one bedroom in paradise lake tower b6.its without parking but has 2 bathrooms and a separate kitchen. it was handed over in 2015 september and is totally brand new. im looking to sell it and the best thing is that the buyer doesnt have to pay any agents fee as im the landlord directly.

if u wanna view or buy then pls contact me on 00923214477774

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Bl properties/ altitude tower

Hi all
Just thought I would post about my forgetten investment of £20,000gbp
In a 1 bed apartment in the fabulous scam of Emirates city.
It's been a few years since I even thought about it.

I still want my apartment or my money back so can any one shed some light on how this is could still be possible?


Do you have any news about Lake View Towers in Emirates City?

Hi,, Do you have any news about Lake View Towers in Emirates City?

I am coming to Ajman

I am coming to Ajman in February 2016
I am kindly requesting to meet anybody who make swap or get refund
Thank you

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Emiratescity 2016

There are 5 completed towers with people living in them. Lavender,Majestic,B5,B6 and B9.
Lilies is complete and maybe in process of handover.
Three towers are coming up in few months and they are MR,C4 and dreams A.
There is work on dreams B also but about two years to go for completion.
That is it out of 92 towers and no new activity on any other projects.

Emirates City Lake View 4 Aman Qureshi

Do you have any news about Lake view 4 ?

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