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Lake view

What is the Situation of Lakeview 4/B12 in Ec. I have Paid over than 30% to the Devoloper and did not heard any more.
Please Help me. I live in Germany and i want to know what is happend to this Projekt or what i have for choice! Swap?


Refinance Mortgage

What should i considered to refinance a mortgage?
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Information wanted

Has anyone been to Ajman Uptown of late and checked out the situation? After many years of delay and following a site visit by ARRA bosses, in June 2012 Sweet Homes announced to UAE's media with confidence that delivery would begin by December. Since then, a full year has gone and I have seen no announcements of completion or handover. Has anyone received possession of his or her villa in Ajman Uptown? I thought Rainbow Towers was halted to enable faster execution of Ajman Uptown.


Good day to all! In the Internet has found an interesting video, dated August of this year.
Grateful TBA MUSTDIE laid out for the video.

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Refund Without Court process

There may be a possible way of getting refund without going through the court process. I would like an investor member who lives in UAE to contact me please.



Facebook page

Is their any facebook page of the forum?
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EC and the Daylight Robbery Continues

As we approaching the end of 2013 there is still no end to this daylight robbery by so called developers. Some ran away and some are still in UAE spending the investors life savings.
Where is that young and innovative emirate who was put in Arra to come up with solutions? Or maybe it was a wrong decision to put a ten year old in charge?


Good afternoon everybody.
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ALKANZ...Khayal Zaman Orakzai
RUBA...Group of companies...Muhammed Ayub
SHINWARI General Trading LLC...Jehanzeb Shinwari
And Azizullah Khan Niazi the manager
Afer four years of cancelling this project with no refund yet and no action from ARRA... This is what you get from investing in Ajman real estate..

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