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problems with residence visa

i have heard that it is extremely difficult and expensive in order to secure a residence visa can some one please clarify the procedure and expense in order to obtain one

thanks in advance

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about us

Hi all I was called tazlife in the old forum
I think we should have a link where info about the EC can be shown to the new comers or even those who pass by the site. Also there should be a about us link to show who we are.
Just something off the web Emirates City,
a town-sized development in Ajman was launched on June 19, 2006 by R Holdings, a well-known property developer in the UAE. The project valued at Dh15 billion is part of a series of projects currently under development that are aimed at accentuating the economic progress of Ajman. A 20 minute drive from Dubai International Airport, this modern development overlooks the Emirates Road that links Ajman to the other emirates of Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The project consists of over 72 residential and commercial properties and is expected to have picturesque lakes and green parks, a shopping district, mosques, five star hotels, educational and medical facilities.

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A new project in Ajman

Can anyone check this up:
A new project advertised today in Gulf News by Al Andaleeb Investment Group.

Studios starting at 52,000 Dhs for an area of 350 sqft
1 BR starting at 104,000 Dhs for an area of 700 sqft
2 BR starting at 156,000 DHS for an area of 1050 sqft

This comes out to 148 Dh/sqft never seen such low price

The web site is:
Phone: 04 321 4323
Is this for real or just a scam as construction cost alone is higher than these sale prices.

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Logo of Website

Dear dwarish,
Thanks for your suggestion. OK!
I 'm thinking about new simple and nice logo. If everybody have an idea or a suggestion about logo. I say welcome to him.

Construction Update Links

You can check these links for recent pictures of some of the buildings.

Legal Rights

Can anyone provide me the answers to these question. Thanks in advance for your time.

1. I am interested to buy appartment in emirates city, in Shami Twin Towers, marketed by Brouks real estate. What about the legal standing of contract? Will it between myself and developer only or it shall have some endorsement by ajman government as well.

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Progress on Paradise Lakes and Al Furqan Twin Towers

I had a short visit yesterday to the site and noticed the following:

 Work on piling tests on B5 plot.

Progress on the work on raft for B7

The columns of the ground floor are rising for B8

 Excavation started for the Al Furqan Twin Towers


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Sign Board of Lavender Tower

Sign Board of Lavender Tower

Sent by dwarish

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Progress report of plots D1 and D2

dwaresh wrote on 18th Aug :

Yesterday evening I Visited Site, since it was too dark I could not visited the complete area of the Emirates city, just general informations are as under :

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