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Paradise lakes B08 / B07 20 DEC 07

Paradise lakes B08 / B07 20 DEC 07


What does it look like now

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slow progress

I often drive out to Ajman to visit the site of the 1 bedroom flat I purchased. Unfortunately I am always very disappointed at the very slow progress, despite being assured by the staff at sweethomes that this particular block will be on time - Dec. 2008. I don't think so.......

not yet started

I bought one bed room C16 somgulftowers yet even they didnot done about piling

It seems that many here

:? It seems that many here are wondering at the pace of construction, I am bad at saying what is fast and what is slow.
But as I commented, from what I have seen here in Europe. The pace is faster over here...

I have asked from Sweethomes about the comment on the 2010 completion/handover, but as to now have not received an answer.

It is annoying that the progress isn't faster, but hey, that is just the way it is at the moment.
My guess is that the departure of so many illegal workers from U.A.E has hit many projects, and unfortunately for us Emirates City is one of the bigger ones, so it suffers accordingly.

Ajman Bound

Very slow progress

Why isnt the construction moving ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The developers need to be questioned. They just cannot keep taking instalments and sit on our money. Construction progress should have been much faster. There is a building being constructed near our house and the construction pace is so fast. By this time atleast 10 slabs of B7 AND B8 should have been ready. guys wake up and start questioning the developer.
Secondly its unfair on the part of master developer to say that the entire development will be ready by 2010.
Infrastructure work is zero. Bulding construction is slow. Where is the money going!!!

Paradise lakes B08

Once again Dwarish thanks so much for the latest update.
Please keep up the good work.

On your next trip please also up date the latest situation with Ajman UP Town Project.

With warm regards


I 2 Ajman's picture

I think.....

I think we should be excited when thet rise! Whatever the pace.... so long as they are rising!


A little bit of progress for

A little bit of progress for B8 in the last two weeks, but doesn't seem anything to exciting.
On a comparison, just around the corner from us here in Finland. There has been a six story building being built.
Two months ago there was really nothing there, now the building is all built - glassed and only the interior work remains to be done.
Seems to me the pace of building work is a LOT slower in the U.A.E -
How much has any tower in the Paradise Lakes risen in the last two months??

Just an observation really... we all know that no one will move to Emirates City in the next two years. So lets just all sit and wait, as that is all we can do.

Oh, for Paradise Lakes owners. I don't know about your contracts, but mine says HANDOVER December 2008. And in the early stages I even believed that I might've spent next Christmas in U.A.E, silly me *laughs*

Happy Holidays for everyone!!

Ajman BOund

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