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Ajman freezes freehold visas

The Ajman Naturalisation and Residency Department has stopped issuing and renewing investors' visas for freehold property owners in Ajman, Gulf News has learnt.
Property buyers and investors cannot even get a visit visa for their spouses or children, but most developers are still selling properties on promises of a residence visa.
Sources told Gulf News that no residence or visit visas will be issued to those who buy properties.

"In order to obtain a residence visa one must have a business here or a job. Unemployed people will not be issued a visa even if they own freehold property," the source said.
"We will not even renew visas of freehold owners," the official said.
Ajman is the second emirate to have made an about turn on the crucial issue after Dubai - after years of assurance of visa sponsorship linked to property ownership.
More than 20,000 foreigners have already moved to their freehold homes in Dubai, and a few hundred have been handed over to buyers in Ajman - which has seen a massive construction in recent months.
"This step was taken in order to regulate the visa rules. Some used to buy an apartment to obtain a residence visa and then sell the apartment to somebody else who already had a visa," the source said.




its really shocking news and shows what is position of outsiders here. thinking to sell my apartment imm.

ajman visa

Does this meen in order to live in our apartments we will keep having to leave and keep getting a visit visa?
And how will we be able to get our electricity turned on with visit visa?

ajman visa

This seems very serious to me, I am very shocked as we wanted to live in ajman this is why we bought there.
This will have big effect on sales etc, what are the government playing at,whats the point in all this hype about property in ajman.

If this is true, it is VERY

If this is true, it is VERY bad news for ... well pretty much everybody...
If we get no Visa.. how do we get any utilities connected... if we can't get utilities connected... :jawdrop:
Very dissapointed if this is true, and I will have a serious look at my contract and what it says about the Visa.
But this is a big blow to anyone who has thought about buying a property in Ajman and hopefully one day moving there.
THis will possibly also effect the prices or properties... and many buyers will surely looking twice at their 'investment'.

And IF you can get no visa.. .well who will live in all these apartments... I am sure Ajman can not expect to create 100000's of new jobs in the next years.

Well, it always was a high risk to invest in the region....

What No Visa?

Only hope that this is not the case.
Well, what happened to all the so called assurance that all the projects along with residence visa were personnaly given to all the investors by the ruler of Ajman?
"Shell Shocked"

maybe they became

maybe they became crazy
thousands buyers bought properties for residence visa
and if ajman dont give residence visa so should piss off

Too early to be discouraged

This is what i think.

Federal Visit Visa rule has pressured Ajman to rethink of their decision to provide visa for home owners but very soon they will change this law and make it favorable towards investors in Ajman. Several changes have been taken into account in not only Ajman but also elsewhere in Emirates therefore, we need to consider this stage as a transitional period and things will look more solid and sound within 2 years from now.

Needless to say, Ajman government is going to inject billions of Dollars to the infrastructure and i see continuous improvements in the overall infra and power issues everyday. very encouraging to all investors too, More facilities and services also very encouraging. They are doing everything they can to attract Investors to Ajman and i see that too everyday.

Ajman government feels the change in Visa rule will not have a major impact to their attraction. Lets way and see how this whole scenario shapes up. I can definitely see and understand Govt point of view and their positive attitude towards future of Ajman, but lets wait and see as its too early to get discouraged. Also, for most investors they can only apply visas within 2 or 3years so why does it even matter? We see changes everyday and night.

The only thing that piss me off is that they had to announce this crappy news at the difficult times. Ajman govt is new! Ajman need us so they will do anything to ensure we are happy. I think its give and take. They took our visa away so now they will comeup with something else to encourage for short-term, but in the long-run they will propose giving visa to all home owners and this is when it will be fixed and established once and for all.

Thanks MasterCho, for the

Thanks MasterCho,

for the optismistic, soothing and encouraging opinion.

I suppose that can well be the case as you say that Ajman Government is basically following the foot step of Dubai which made their plans obvious few months back in this matter

I hope and pray that all our investment and aspiration to move to Ajman will not go in vain Insha' Allah and let us wait for further clarification in this issue.


really really shocking how abuot change in freehold status?

Its really not fair, first they assure that they will provide visa and lured us to invest in property.
now they took visa away.
what if tom. they say ok we are changing rule on free hold too and no foreigner can own property here???? then??

it may happen in very very near future, they may be waiting us to pay complete installments and then they will change the rule like visa.

how about RAK government?

does anyone know about RAK government's stand on visa for free hold proprety owners?
just curious if they have also changed their mind like Dubai and Ajman.

Ajman follows Dubai foot steps

Ajman will eventually follow dubai footsteps.
Everything that Dubai is facing will occur in Ajman as well.

Most debate was on how long can Dubai sustain their growth and lastly the Visa issue.

Now in Ajman we hve this Visa issue and later they will have talks about growth issue. but i dont think any other issues relating to foreign ownership or any other matters will occur and this doesnt make sense anyways.

Eventually Ajman will have to depend on quality of infrastructure and service or to an extend Job opportunity mostly in Real Estate sector. This again is faced by Dubai at the moment and it is a reality in Ajman!

I dont think RAK will change their minds however with Federal pressure they may change their mind too to ensure collective decision. but guess what, RAk doesnt have much to offer like Ajman or Dubai. Dubai has such a quality people do not care about Visa, they still invest regardless, for Ajman the govt has proposed various plans to improve the overall standard of Ajman in general and you can notice this as you drive through Ajman and it hasnt started yet! For RAK i dont see much to attract investors for except Visa for multiple years. Lets watch and see.

We paid such a low price for our properties in Ajman, the prices are soaring though the secondary market is much lower than the new launch at the moment. Mid to Long-term looks excellent for people having cash to pay in Ajman. Infra and services are improving in line with the developments, if you go downtown Ajman theyve made such an improvement its unbelievable. Emirates road development will be even better with new Airport and other facilities it will be crazy, all this without having to pay much as installments. We pay 1/4 of what dubai pays and yet we can enjoy driving to Dubai at minimal cost everyday.

Visa issue i think its a federal matter and that Ajman was forced to change their mind though they made independent act to provide visa earlier.

The first thing developers

The first thing developers promised to buyers was residence visa and

i think new rule is big government's fraud

with this shame rule :
what will be happen after many buyers take their money out of these projects
what will do developers with losing many current customers and feature customers


in my humble opinion, developers should not be blamed for visa issue its beyond their reach.
i my agreement its clearly mentioned that visa will be provided as per current rulings at the time of possesion.
also developers which got almost half money from investors will not be affected, but new developers will face difficulties in bookings.
secondary market will be down too.. let us see in few days..

They change what they want.


I bought a flat but with visas. But after 7 months the visas is not for three years but for one years only.
Two months after they stop the visas, it's completely impossible for us to get our flat.
Because we can't live they so what we can do with our flat.
I think for next year they will can change the law : The foreigners cannot buy in freehold but only for 99 years or someting like that.
In my opinion the government have to respect the law.

yes its possible

yes its 100% possible, they are going towards this way. first they lure investors with so many promises and once investor invest their money they start creating problems so he run away by selling his property at lower cost. or may be they want investors to stop paying next installments so they can create big disputes on their previous installments... this may be cold minded attack on foreigner's money. i really dont know what to say else..


Speculations can go on forever but i hope they disappear.

The problem here is that people are too dependent on issues related to Visa.

Im sure the Govt of Ajman made plenty of calculations before Visa announcements, and they came to realise the minimal impact on their Real Estate boom. I think i totally agree in this regards.

Yes said earlier, we aint asking people in south africa to invest in Ajman or UAE. As far as we all know, this region and in particular Ajman pose the greatest yield of ROI. therefore the middle income candidates are smart enough to put their money in Ajman and maybe this could be the only option they got? I aint gonna put 50K or 100K in Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, India, Pakistan for many reason and we all know this? and ofcourse Dubai is far beyond our reach.

Dubai could care less of Visa issuance and + this matter is a case to case basis and they do issue residence visa by the way but can also get rejected. Dubai has plenty of reasons to ignore Visa matter, and Ajman will be the same. Ajman will prepare solid infra, hotels, airports, services, job opportunities, and homes to own unlike Dubai and yet its the closest to Dubai other than sharjah but then again sharjah is a major junk.

Lets be happy where we stand and I believe our money isnt going anywhere . Ajman govt i think are doing whatever they can and will prove us right. Inshallah? lol...

Also, lets not forget its cheap and cheap! For middle range people like myself we should be dancing and go WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!! =)

Oh god Let me know if someone wants one of my unit without Premium as im in credit crunch myself. Also let me advice people to not put down all their money in one bucket like what i did. =(

Interested investors come to action and takeover one of my unit!! i may consider multiple PDC checks to ease the payment for possible buyer.

People are in Panic mode without factual understanding of the current liquidity surplus in the UAE.

Interested investors come to

Interested investors come to action and takeover one of my unit!

Please send me all the details for your units & with payment plan i am intrested to buy it.

Are you still interested to buy properties in Emirate city?

I have just see this by chance and I wonder wether you are still interested to buy a property in Emirate city.
We have 2 units in chocolate tower and we have paid about 65% of the payement. If you are still intrested contact me for more info.

Musafir's picture

who let the dog out ???

who let the dog out ???

this is a way to let locals acquire foreigner's property

i am really angry , i think they are giving chance to locals to acquire foreigner's proprety at the fraction of their investment.
i really dont understand why they promised for residence visa when we booked apartment? now after paying half installments now they are changing rules , they want to create problems for foreigners so foreigners sell their apartments in panic.
i think this is a clear message for foreigners to go away and forget their investments...

I agree with newera in full

I agree with newera in full the more I think about it.
Ajman government got there money for the land, developers got alot of their money mostly off the backs of us foreighn investors who a lot of us expected to live in Ajman, now we will sell and locals will get cheap houses they will lve in or probably rent out.
I think we have helped the government build cheap housing for ther own people.
I am sick . . . .but people did tell me this part of the world make it up as they go along, look at the new vsit visa??, I cant understand it at all,Does it really mean if you pop over for say a concert and then want to visit again that you cant until after 1 month ??.
I am ging to look at my contract but imagine it means nothing to say you can have residency.
Notice they did cityscape first before anouncing this !!!!!!!!!!!, very sneaky


yes they did it just after cityscape to snatch lots of booking amount from several hundreds ( or thousands ) foreigners who must have paid booking amount or few installments there. you are right once you go out on visit visa can not come in for 1 month. they surely want foreigners to say their investment bye bye and want to please local so they can acquire houses at cheap prices and what i think, even if some foreigners still there, in next step they will take freehold status of these apartment.. then?? what foreigners will do????

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lets see were it goes

Guys we are all in the same bout here its not fair to point a finger with out any confirmation. Some one said her the government have built cheep homes for there in need people from our money just think for a second any local from the UAE doesn’t need cheep homes or wont even accept to live in a flat. We should be mature and not use words like this part of the world and these kind of people we are the ones who signed a contract with a developer not with the government and no one will loss if worse comes to worse at least we get our money back and don’t forget all the developers are foreigners mine is from Pakistan should I blame Mosharef .
If we read the article which I couldn’t find any were other than gulf news it said sources said and not a law has been issued
Last Augest it was on paper that master developers will be granting residence visas to their buyers.

I just feel miffed at the

I just feel miffed at the sudden change, I really love this part of the world and its people we really bought to make this country our home.
I dont wish to cause any offence but it is very odd.

If this be true i stop pay

If this be true
i stop pay next installments
and i ask for money back

Smitty's picture

Could it be possible...

This whole letting anyone into their country because they could afford a cheap flat was full of fail from the beginning. Someone asked if Ajman can create 100,000 new jobs in the next three years, well obviously not. So then what happens when 100,000 people with no jobs, coming from developing or third worlds, with limited income (bought in Ajman because its cheap) all show up? Unemployment and desperation which leads to crime and disparity!

I like that the Emirates is fairly crime free and has little to no poverty. Everyone there (expats) has a job, at least a little money and their basic needs covered. This makes the population at large very happy. If you suddenly inject a large population of unemployed you'll have a situation where everyone is fighting for limited jobs. This, in a country with no unionization is very bad for the people.

Lets hope their actually looking to re-think who gets visas and what criteria must be met to do so.

no offence

sorry we are not offending locals, but we still feel cheated by the way we are treated, its our hard earned money which they took by luring us and giving several false statements and now they are showing their true colours. Dear Pasargad, if you stop pay next installment, ( which they want you to do ) you will be in great trouble, they will impose several fines or will put your apartment in dispute.

in my humble opinion if they can go this far, what is guarantee that they wont take free hold status too in future???

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As soon as Dubai changed the

As soon as Dubai changed the Visa regulation, I was sure Ajman would follow suit.
After all the UAE is a country and has to have the same immigration policy.

About smitty : maybe your

About smitty :

maybe your talk is true but dont forget it's too late for such thinks after they promised buyers to give them
residence visa and thousands buyers sent their money to this country maybe because of residence
so , after that it is big cheat

and newera :
maybe i'll ask them to cancel contract ,if they fine me it's better than paying next installments and send my
fucking money to a cheating country for nothing

we are on same boat

i am sorry i dont want to scare you or anything, just talking about possiblities, let us keep in touch, i will also ask my developers to return my money which i am sure they wont agree. let us see.
i wish you best of luck
thanks and regards.

So if i understand, when my

So if i understand, when my flat will be ready, it will be impossible for me to go there for the holidays 1 month or 1 week...??

Seems that way to me

Seems that way to me !!!!.
The way it seems 1 month holiday ok but not to live.

ok but to open the

ok but to open the electricity and water etc.... it's also ok ????

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Hope for the Best

Well, I think our feelings and opinions are premature at this stage. Because it is not yet announced by the Ajman government. Also I don't think that the government can go like this as we all know the Dubai And Ajman both aiming for make themself a tourist attraction. Many mega projects in Dubai are to attract the tourists. Same thing Ajman is following. so if they will change their law and will not issue the Residence visa for investors, then how the tourists will come.
Secondly, what we can do is, at this stage, all the investors who are living outside UAE and has bought a flat or villa here, should write to their developer and ask them for this issue. i hope if all will do this, it will be considered. because the Government will not let to spoil their image of tourist attraction.

humbley disagree

Dear Rohtahir
with regards i am disagree on your views, there is lots of diffrence in needs of tourists and investors, tourists are here only for short time, so they need 14 to 30 days visa they wont stay long time like apartment owners want to.
how can we think this is premature my dear, gulf news report surely not based on rumours or fake.

thanks and regards

do not start panic

I don't think so is it good people to panic. Let ask the developers, lets communicate with the local PRO to see exactly the Ajman property Law.

But regarding property residence visa ....when we have bought our flat we have ask very clear regarding the visa issue. They told us if you will buy a property you can have residence visa and to sponsor your family but after you get employed in a company in UAE you have to transfer your residence / employment visa to that company , under that company's sponsorship, and after also your family visa being you the sponsor.

And also who was thinking that they will have residence visa under the property and coming here only in vacation 1 month and to work in theier own country keep in mind that residence visa is not valid any more if you stay outside of UAE more than 6 months.

Also if you have a business also you have to have residence visa under your business.

They said if your property is under your name and your wife's name, in this case if you are employed in a company in emirates you have to change the visa under that company but your wife can have sponsor under your property.....

And also if you wanted to sell your flat to somebody else you also supposed to cancel your residence visa and the new property to have the right to apply.

If it is true regarding new property residence visa, what i will ask also the developer and i want to see the new rule in writing, i don't think so this will destroy the property sector in Ajman. They will work for some other way to come here.

I'm sure they want to encourage people to invest in UAE to open theier business, to be employed . It is true without a business without a job cannot stay more then 3 months.

Now you can come in UAE how everyone from here they know...
- with visit visa (30 DAYS) under company sponsorship...which can be extended
- in tourist visa (30 days ) which can be extended also in some cases ...
- and some other visa...

I'm very curios who wanted to come in UAE to stay for retirement.

Will see....

i am that fool who wanted to come in uae to stay for retirement

take my case, i invested my hard earned money so i can come and stay few months every year during my retirement and also can get benefits of appriciation of property
its easy to say for others that get a visa for one month and then extend it, do you know how much fees is involved?? also it can not be extended every time, you have to go back and then for whole one month you can not come back under any circumstances.

my point is , they clearly announced 10000 times that they will provide residence visa to all property owners but all of sudden without inviting anybody's views, they decided just like its a small thing.
and i can foresee what is next.. ... MUST BE OUR FREEHOLD STATUS...


I agree with most of comments posted here as after this what security do we have that other laws about freehold property will not be changed as getting a visit visa to visit your own home seems ridiculous and expensive. This means that to pay our utility bills each time we will have to get a visa which by the way has also become quite expensive. Seems one way or the other we might end up losing some or lot of our money. to me it seems like daylight robbery.


I didn't say you cannot retire here but is better to have business ....

i want to know in which day in gulf news was presented this information regardin visa ... i didn.t see it

it was today's news you can

it was today's news
you can see it here
in my humble opinion this is not issue of debate that wheather doing business is better , the question is same..
why dont they honour their words and if not honouring now, what will be future??? this is million dollar question..dear...

We need to known that this

We need to known that this news is clearly true or no before action

I think its been a bad day

I think its been a bad day for us all today, I dont know what to think about the future of our properties, I think will probably try to sell if this residency thing is here to stay.
What do others think is wise to do??.
Does anyone think the government will change their minds on this??
If as we did the property was bought to live in what do you do, can we rent out when finished ?, will we be able to get services turned on if not resident, dont know as cant even open bank account so dont know how that one would work out.
Lots of questions that need answers if not for know for future when properties are handed to us. -

I see in Dubai in the property sector isn't a disaster .they have still good success in selling property .after they announced regarding residence visa for the property owners was canceled . i understood in Dubai they are looking for a way of visa for those who are planing to stay for retirement. we will see...

Regarding the electricity connection.....if you do not stay in the flat and you are going to rent it ...those who are going to stay there they have to make in their name the electricity contract.......

all the best

Effect on the prices if...

The effect on the prices will be catastrophic...if this news is confirmed.
Moreover, to sell our unit will be very difficult. Really, i don't know what to think.
I thought the Ajman's boss was very professionnal for the businness... so the airport and all the projects around the emirates road will be a disaster;
i really don't understand.


Musafir's picture

shrewd move

whilst i am not happy with this, if it materialises it seems shrewd and somewhat predictable.

shrewd because ajman has little proffessional work infastructure, other then its historic docks.

by making this announcement it propells people to start investing into office units and other business instead of residential accomodation, consequently motivating developers to start focusing more on developing more on offices then just residential. look at EC merely 3-4 commercial towers, surrounded by 90 residential towers. where will the people residing in the 90 towers work ????
what would be their source of income ???

hence 1 motivation for ajman govt maybe to manipulate and promote the office/business sector. in long term this would booster and sustain residential properties.

perhaps however gulf news is merely speculative to boost this position and not entirely reflective of what will actually happen.

from my understaind dubai didnt do complete u-turn, rather limited the places and properties through which you get residents visa

can anyone enlighten on ?

presumably if true, ajman govt may ultimately do something similar

I asked my excellent agent,

I asked my excellent agent, Roger ... - here is his reply:

The Ajman Government Office stance on the Resident Visa's is that it is Federal i.e. orders from Abu Dhabi, and the Residence Visa's are on 'hold' at the moment while the situation is being assessed. You must note that this ruling is the same for all of the UAE, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi had not issued Resident Visa's from the beginning and that Emirate has also been booming !

It sounds as if they may become available again as originally agreed, and the Law is likely to change 'a number of times' before completion of most of the projects. I am confident with the ( extremely large ) amounts of investments made by the Government in the infrastructure of the Emirates such as additional Power Stations, Sewage & Desalination Plants, Schools, Highways, Roads, Metro and shopping malls etc as well as the tourism of Hotels, Dubai Land, man made islands, the expansion of the existing Airport and construction of another new bigger airport and too many others to mention, they will not 'shoot themselves in the foot' and not look after the investors themselves !

There is talk of issuing an Investors Type Visit Visa that will allow 'extended' stays in the country i.e. annually and multiple entries, but that has not been confirmed yet.

On a another note, The Ajman Bank is expected to open its doors in January, 2009 and it is hoped that at that time Financing & Mortgages of Ajman Properties will become available for the first time and that should dramatically improve the Ajman Market, with or without Visa's the prices should go up.

So I can only suggest to carry on as normal in the interim and expect a good return on your investment if you chose to sell, live in or rent out.

an expert...

But you have to say that it's normal to be worried...even Roger said that. But i like this :

"I am confident with the ( extremely large ) amounts of investments made by the Government in the infrastructure of the Emirates such as additional Power Stations, Sewage & Desalination Plants, Schools, Highways, Roads, Metro and shopping malls etc as well as the tourism of Hotels, Dubai Land, man made islands, the expansion of the existing Airport and construction of another new bigger airport and too many others to mention, they will not 'shoot themselves in the foot' and not look after the investors themselves !"

It's true. we must wait again and again....For me, when i think about about Ajman and EC, i automaticaly think "WAIT"

I presume you are talking

I presume you are talking about Roger, I agree he is the expert and should be listened to, I know its his job but I think he is a very trustworthy man, I take some hope from this.
The news that ajman banks will start giving morgages is very good, as the projects get older people will have to find to much deposits to get in.
Its whats needed for the resale market to be good for those who want to sell.
Looks like sit tight for now.

rohtahir's picture

It is better

At this time, it is better to wait and see. For those investors who are living outside the UAE, local investors can help to update with latest progress and also if they can meet with some officials like government representatives, Main developers, sub-contractors and ask them for actual facts of this news. also they can talk with different property agents to know about the market trend after this news.
The foreigner invertors don't have resources to check all these thing but local investors can do it easily. and through this forum, we can share these informations and then we can discuss for next possible steps.
But we should not do any thing hastly and should wait for some time till the picture is more clear.

I called my selling agent in

I called my selling agent in dubai
they told me new visas are on hold and also they told me maybe they want change type of visas but
i think it's just a guess and not confirmed yet

I agree with rohtahir , local buyers can ask government offices and share information with us