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Residence Visa For Ajman

I am perturbed by the latest news on the subject matter. When I first booked an apartment in Paradise Lake Towers we were led to believe that residence visas will be granted on the hand over of the apartment which will have to be renewed after every 3 years. Now suddenly the goal post has changed that the residence visa will granted for a year only and will be renewable on a yearly basis. This is rather a sad news for those of us who are planning to settle in Ajman. Not only it will add extra cost of renewing visa every year but will add to anguish of reapplying every year too. Can we have your comments and perhaps more clarification on this important issue. Lee

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resident visa

We should be happy with the fact that ajman is giving residency to property buyers,Dubai is NOT.

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resident visa

Akhiabani is right. Dubai will apply a visit visa only for investors. We are lucky that Ajman is still giving a residency. For the one year at least.

We should be greatful!

In the past they spoke about 3 year residency visa but not confirm as in wrriten. Today, it is written and is very very clear to all ajman property owners that it will be renewable every year also the cost is very cheap only 1500 for renewal! It cannot get any cheaper than this.


But in our contract from Real Estate Investment , it is mentioned that buyer will apply for permanent Residence Visa renewable 3 years.
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Grateful How!!!!!!!

The amount 1500 is for whole family or one person and what about the previous contract of 3 yrs visa.
They might change this too!!!!!!!!
Are ther chances of this!!!!!!!!11
pls reply!!!!!!!!

Thanks zp296. Spot on about

Thanks zp296.
Spot on about the visa if it is going to cost 1500 AED per application, of course it is going to be expensive for the members who have the large family.


Thanks farzad for raising

Thanks farzad for raising this important point.
I just wonder if that contract is still enforceable?

IS UAE Trustable ?

When Goverment of Ajman changed the rule of Residency without any attention to it's commitment in contract (in contract from REal Estate Investment : they gurantee applying of permanent Residency renewable after 3 yeays with fee of 1500 Dhs)How we can trust on UAE ruler and invest there ?
Mybe , one day , they changed rule of Freehold property ?
What is gurantee of their speaking ?
When they changed the rules such as this ....
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They are not trustworthy at all...

Once they were trustworthy....But now they are just thinking of getting on the World Map using the investments foreigners like us make. They really don't care about foreign investors at all....They care about their the long run they will lose their reputations as investors learn more about it. UAE is not a safe place for investment anymore.

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Flexible Laws!

I seems the rules and laws don't change here as often as the interpretation of them changes, with even officials (not even ministers or rulers) giving divergent statements, all at the same time, contradicting each other. This is what creates confusion and doubts, and shakes investor confidence.
For example in Dubai it was said that the visa-change/renewal runs to Kish or Oman would not be accepted and that expats would have to return to home countries for visa changes / extensions. And only last week another official from DNRD has spoken that visa runs will go on!! Even with "Residency visa to Property owners" there doesn't seem to be any change in the rules and law. It is only that the officials are now reading deeper into the lines to make it clear that only those property owners will get visas who have sufficient means to support themselves without having to work and earn in UAE.
This, I think, was always there but was not highlighted, maybe even concealed, earlier by the govt. and the developers in their quest to attract foreign investments. Earlier the VISA was "advertised" as almost guaranteed with the usual disclaimer in very fine print (subject to approval by DNRD).
As things stand, there is no such thing as a visa guarantee anywhere in the UAE, and the issue is totally in the hands of the govt. and more so at the mercy and whims of the officials, perhaps through whom the govt. communicates.
Given the scene, it is upto the investors to take a call, this way or that way.
Notwithstanding the visa issue and the changing stance of the govt. investors HAVE made money and got very decent returns in the last 3-4 years and the boom is nowhere close to subsiding. Only certain things have changed, like now the boom is sustaining more through the launch of successive new projects at higher and higher prices, and lot of speculative interest is also fuelling the rise, unlike, say one or two years ago. All this will cool sometime when there is a turn-about (with supply actually outstripping demand), but WHEN. it seems, is quite difficult to forsee.

Residence visas in dubai

Hello everyone .I was just enquirin g abt this new rule of residence visas not being granted in dubai to freehold owners.Some of the real estate ppl said its for Iranians only not for other nationalities.For others its still 3 yrs residence visa.pls comment is this the true news.

Current U-Turn in Dubai

Current U-Turn in Dubai Residency Visa promise for Property owners was a major blow to alot of investors, especially those looking to stay in the UAE for Retirement etc. Alot would argue that even countries like the U.S do not give visas with property, but they must realize countries like U.S , U.K, Canada, etc provide CITIZENSHIP (passport, etc) for those who work and live or do business 5+ years, while in the UAE even full qualified individuals who worked for 30+ years get nothing.

Residence Visa For Ajman

It's very strange because if you read this "A residence visa will be granted only after the investor or buyer gets possession of the apartment and the developer issues a no-objection letter. The visa costs about Dh1,500 and has to be renewed in Ajman every year, it is learnt...".
The last news on 14 August 2008 from this site Middle East Business Information.
In my opinion it's true, the visas is only for one years.

resident visa

i have told you before about the residence visa.they shall know that in the middle of nowhere the desert with out water and everything fake people shall be stupid to continue to invest in a country which can not come and go easily.i shall also say it is not just for iranians it's for everybody,the indians shall not be glad at all.something that happens to a group can happen to you shall know that with more obstacles the government of UAE will loose it's credit more so they are obliged to find a way to secure the investment biz.

Dubai and surrounding Emirates are nothing but a big hotel

I agree...
The main role of Dubai and northern emirates is nothing but being a big hotel to host tourists and business people...The ease of getting visa is the most essential thing for the big hotel to survive. They are going to loose this advantage.