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Affected property buyers are yet to see the money !!

Credit: Gulf News Archives

Government of Dubai Land Department office building.
Dubai: While Dubai has tagged more projects as officially “cancelled” — dating to off-plan launches that took place between 2005-08 — it does not necessarily mean affected property buyers are closer to recovering their monies. (More than 150 projects now stand cancelled as per the Dubai Courts records.)


i passed EC last week ------ no work in most projects and rainbow towers same condition since 2 years when most investors stopped paying (50-60% ) paid for 35% construction , the 3 towers are just skeletons even not shells , i dropped to SH office in ajman and met one of the adminstraition people ----- no construction will start until the court dispute ends with subcontractor ( now 2 years ) and they expect this to finish end of feb ! lol

Lavender Tower Price

Hi guys,
the lavender tower is now arround 350AED/sqft!!



Any investor or news from GCD2

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Chapal Destiny

Chapal Destiny

Courtesy of uaeinvestor, martin and skyskrapercity..

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Lavender tower, any investor here ??

Any lavender tower investor here ?? , pls let us hear from you .... whether anyone got the key of their apartment!!

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Chapal World

The construction of the Destiny in Dubai is in full swing and up to 5th floor.
Will they restart their EC projects soon???
Has anyone seen any activity in their projects???

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