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What is the current status of your Ajman investment?

1) Swapped to another property in Dubai
4% (5 votes)
2) Swapped to another property in Ajman
2% (3 votes)
3) Swapped to another property in other emirate
1% (2 votes)
4) Waiting for developer to finish property
45% (61 votes)
5) Received a full refund from the developer
4% (5 votes)
6) Received a partial refund from the developer
0% (0 votes)
7) Given up!
15% (21 votes)
8) Filed a court case for legal action
11% (15 votes)
9) Stopped payment of installments and given notice to developer
18% (25 votes)
Total votes: 137


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Interesting to see how many

Interesting to see how many are waiting for the property to be finished. It must be those, who have paid close to 100 % of the original sales price. Many have paid about a third. For these investors, it would be advisable to forget about EC and put the money towards a ready property in Ajman close to the beach front. For my case I have calculated, that I could get right now a 1000 sqf 1 bedroom ready for occupation in Falcon tower for the money I'd still have to pay up to finish paying a 1 bed of 860 sqf in GCD 2 with no view. This means for 2/3 of the original sales price in GCD 2 of a 860 sqf 1 bedroom I could get a finished 1000 sqf in Falcon tower. This is why I voted: GIVEN UP!

Chocolate tower!

Is there anyone who recieved any news about Chocolate tower?

Savannah Tower

Any New From Savannah Tower?
It Is Missing In ARRA Projects List!

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Filed a court case = GIVEN UP!

I have filed a court case which equates to giving up. We paid 48% to Broukes and there is nothing but sand to show for it.

Amazingly, ARRA said that because they were not around when we bought in 2008 so my contract is not worth that much.

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RE/court case

Lots of luck to you..It's the only option to get your money back. Please don't forget to update us on the process...

Any progress on your case.?

Any progress on your case.?

How much is it to file a

How much is it to file a court case firstly?
Secondly what guarantee is there the developer will even turn up?

My only advice is to track him down. I bet he's in Karachi. Because that development seems to be coming along nicely.

Maybe I get his contact details and report him to the Police?

Its unbelevable whats

Its unbelevable whats happening in the country like that, tall building but poor law system. How the government can just let people's right bleached like that.

Chapal's new number 971 4 380

Chapal's new number
971 4 380 91 20
Chapal has other projects in Dubai ,so they are in the country for your information