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Welcome Back

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It is good to see this website is up and running again. I do hope that will stay up and running till this failed city by Rholding gets all the problems resolved and investors get some justice.

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Thanks to ukbuyer this website is available also...
Share news.. tell everyone what is on your mind and release some anger...

Star Giga

Does anyone know the office location of Star Giga? We are trying to serve them papers. If anybody knows or is still making payments then please get in touch with me privately and don't put on here as they will run if you put there address on here!

Thank you

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I thought you won your case against them.

Court Case

We did win our case and the following appeal. One of us had papers served and received all his money back plus interest! Star giga then closed their office on Sheihk Zayed Road and nobody knows where they are. My lawyers are searching for them but can't pin them down. If we find them we can serve papers and get our money back!

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Court Case Their website
Their office is in emiratescity in the GC Nightmare D.
Good luck to you.

neu hope

great that we can contact again .I was worry holl time that will be closed forever .hope the ARRA will solve our proplem .in shaalah.great to meet you hier again .please update us about everything neu

neu hope

great that we can contact again .I was worry holl time that will be closed forever .hope the ARRA will solve our proplem .in shaalah.great to meet you hier again .please update us about everything neu

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I didn't know that the website is down.

After this please inform me by email admin at
The hosting company restricted the database of website because of a technical problem.

Emirates City Forum will never give up

The Emirates City Forum is a hope for investors to gather and discuss about the future of this project and their dreams. While the developers marketing brochures have long disappeared, the smiling sales boys and girls vanished, the developers quietly and silently enjoyed the big money and the cheques entrusted on them. The investors got trapped as their money is in the developers hand. However with the help of the hundreds of investors willing to take up the fight in forum like this, success is not too far. Let the reputed developers fulfil the ambition of emirates city project. Our goal should be that not a single investor shall be disappointed.


ok excellent guys were back up and running. Looks like is not needed - but hey its a good back up in case anything goes wrong.

Letter from Star Giga

Hi All,
I have received another letter from Star Giga asking me for payment. There are some contact info for them at the end of the mail. Maybe someone can contact them as I am in South africa at the moment.
Also is there any truth to their stating that there is progress on the towers??

Anyone been to EC recently

Ref: 2014/18-GCDA/A2302-3578
February 05, 2014
Dear Customer:
Goldcrest Dreams Tower A: Payment Request
Property: A2302 | Account: 2000-3578

Greetings from Star Giga!

In furtherance of our email (ref: 2013/18-GCDA, dated: 01 October 2013) that had been sent to you previously apprising you with the progress update on the Tower A: informing you that the construction work had recommenced; this is a follow-up letter requesting your support. It cannot be emphasized enough how imperative your support is to facilitate the continuation of the progress on this building unabatedly.

We remind you here that payments we’ve requested here are linked with the progress of the construction and are based on the Ajman Real-estate Regulatory Agency (ARRA) guidelines; these guidelines stipulate that registered projects with ARRA are entitled to receive a maximum of 30% in addition to the completed works on the building. Furthermore, all amounts are to be deposited in the Escrow account of the project held with the Ajman Bank; ARRA ensures that every penny of your deposit in the Escrow is utilized for the progress of the building. The security of your investments is guaranteed by ARRA.

The progress on Tower A stands currently at 39%. The consultant’s certificate attesting this progress and its translation are linked here for your information and review. We’re also currently working on our website which will enable our customers to track the progress of our projects.

The amount requested is 59% of the purchase value of the property. All payments we request will be linked to the progress of the project – this had been communicated to all our customers previously in 2010 and the amount we’ve requested here is in-line with such a payments scheme and about 10% less than what we’re entitled to according to the guidelines supervising the project. This plan according to our estimates will ensure the smooth progress of the project without causing further delays in completion.

We also bring to your notice that we’ve not received any payment from your behalf since our previous reminder – non-payments of dues distresses the cash flow and may abate the progress of construction works, which has substantially advanced from 33.6% to 39% since our previous reminder despite of non-payments. We request you to treat this notice with an URGENT priority and remit the due amount failing which we may be forced to initiate the termination of the sales & purchase agreement as per the ARRA guidelines.

You’re requested to remit the due amount before the 05 of March 2014.

Escrow Account Details:
Account Name:Escrow Goldcrest Dreams A Star Giga Establishment Limited
Escrow Account Number:01-1008403-017
IBAN: AE720570000011008403017
Bank: Ajman Bank
Bank Address:Ajman Bank PJSC
Khalifa Branch
PO Box No.: 7770
Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Amount Due AED 89,558

Please be advised that you must provide the name of the unit owner and unit number whilst making payments for it to be traced correctly.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and for your favorable response to this memo.

For further enquiries please contact our representatives:
- Mr. Idris: (971) 50 152-0484
- Mr. Sarfaraz: (971) 55 133-4699
- Mr. Hussain: (971) 50 749-9558 (Arabic)

Once again, thank you for your trust. Together we can make this project a success!

With much optimism; we remain:

Sincerely yours,

Star Giga Establishment Limited
Dubai, United Arab Emirates