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Victory in Goldcrest Dreams Court Ruling

Hi People

I have just won my appeal case against Star Giga GCD 4 and they have been instructed to repay me all my money plus costs and 5% interest. This has taken me two years! I am sure that actually getting my hands on the money will be another epic but the main point is "Do not pay these crooks another penny",

You will win if you go legal and the precedant has now been set.

you have been good work but..

what is the law firm that has assisted you and how much it cost you all this

Hi Dubi-Guy.

Hi Dubi-Guy. Congratulations. U have given a very encouraging news to all the EC investors stating that u have won the court case. Hope after reading this good news , more and more investors will come forward to attend the meeting called by Mr. Verghese to decide further course of action collectively so that we will also be in a position to recover our hard earned money which is lying since the last four years unrewarded. Thanks.


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Please give us more details..
Remember while ago davehrm posted that he won a case against stargiga but was not so.

Court Case Victory

The company I used was called TLG (the legal group) in Dubai. I paid approx 24000Dhs as I had 3 units in GCD4. I have just paid another 3000Dhs for the execution fee which will be recovered along with my money! I cannot guarantee what TLG charge now but they were really good.

I also posted before as Davehrm and that was when I won the original case before Star Giga appealed the judgement. There are now 3 of us that have won our cases in the appeals court so if enough people now submit cases against star Giga they will cave in as it will cost them a fortune in legal fees and as we have proved they will lose!

How long it takes now to recover the money we will have to see but I will not stop until I have every penny!

I will keep you all informed as to my progress!

recovery from GCD - star giga

Can you give us the contact details of the legal firm, email address who can take up the case as a group
Please put contact details

who is making a list of group action to file the case, any contact details

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Best of Luck for future recovery plan..It has given us good hope.


This is great news you made our day we will be following your path this is real victory .Keep up the good work.dubiguy .CHEERS

All investors

Lets get together for legal cases like akhiabani said so many times TLG is the company


Dear Investors start calling TLG we will discuss with them high compensation for our FINANCIAL EMOTIONAL MENTAL AND PHYSICALSUFFERING .

Dubay guy victory

hi dubai guy,

did you hear any response from STAR GIGA about refunding your money? did the courth ordered to refund within a specific time?

Star GIGA Crooks

Dubai-Guy. Congratulations and thank you for setting the precedant.
Quick question, how much has it costed you to get so far. Please keep us posted and I am sure most of us will follow the path you have chosen, i.e. Do not pay these crooks any more and go for a legal law suit aganist them (Star GIGA). I am sure with the amount of business they have in UAE and else where in the world, it would not be easy for them to vansih and will have to refund the investors with their money.

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Perfect Time

It is a good time for one of the goldcrest investors to go to Tlg office and talk to Fareya Azfar regarding
refund settlement for investors who are interested.If she has won three cases against stargiga then she is in a very good position to get results and end the agony of the goldcrest investors.
Their office is in the old town next to dubai mall.

Legal action against developer

Dear all,
I believe if we should form a group of investors who invested in Goldcrest Dreams and then approach to TLG Law legal group arranging a formal meeting. However I am not in UAE and therefore cannot go to their office. If any of you who are present in Dubai, could you please go to their office and get a realistic outcome of the meeting. If you think that there are good chances of winning a legal case against the developer then we can share the cost between us depend on the number of unit owned. That would divide the legal cost between us resulting in minimum legal cost to every individual.
Please think about it and let me know if there is any agreement
Thank you

Refund of Investment

The question really is did the Dubai-Guy actual got the refund after winning the court ruling & appeal in his favor. I do not trust the UAE law, unless the court judgement is applied and executed, i.e. refund of the investors money.

won case too

I am one of the three people who have won their case at appeal against star giga,I havnt paid my 30,000 execution fee yet so dubi guy is ahead of me!!, please get in touch dubi guy as would like to talk to you,I want to know how tlg plan to recver our monies ???,obaid at tlg told me the other week that giga were forced to pay up in 15 days,but how are they made to pay?? and have you got anything yet as you are ahead of me.

urgent request TLG solicitor's contact details /group case

could you please give us TLG's solicitor's contact details - any email address /telephone number, i have aparts in gold crest tower B, also know 4 members who are in same boat. Can someone from dubai contact TLG any take a lead role because I am outside dubai. Can you alteast give contact person's name so that we can make contact and see if TLG can take group case for GCD recovery of our hard earn money

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More clarity please

How much total have you spend to get to this point?Did you pay TLG upfront?
She has a way of getting money out of developers so you will get your money.

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I am glad to see that you are online. Please as much detail as possible.


hi there, I paid 30,000 dirhams to tlg when sunil t5hacker was still there 2 years ago this august,but I think the lawyer for court for me is a mr saif,so its been a long time but even though the case is won I dont know when or if will get any cash back ??, i was at first told giga would have to pay within 15 days of the execution?? but dont know what happens if they dont,so would really appreciate it if dubi guy would be kind enough to get in touch


you see dubi guy won his appeal about 2 weeks before me so his 15 days is maybe up,I havnt paid my 3,000 yet


you see dubi guy won his appeal about 2 weeks before me so his 15 days is maybe up,I havnt paid my 3,000 yet

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You should call Saif and ask him.... I just sent him an email regarding stargiga.

request email of saif from TLG socilitor

sunil thacker's email getting rejected

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I think you should be one of the happiest people on earth. You have won against one of the biggest crooks in uae. How I feel like about these scumbags is just burning down the whole gigahouse with all these people in it.

emirates city has ruined so

emirates city has ruined so many lives its a scandel i dont know how they are just getting away with it,its disgusting and hasnt done the reputation of the uae any good at all,I ALSO AM UNLUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE A 2 BED IN VENICE TOWER 1 AKA SOMGULF, goodness knows whats going on there,should imagine it will be very complicated to go after them???, paid money in to realestate development but they sold to somgulf??? does anyone know anything about this mess ???
Yes and i do feel happy to have WON as such but wheres the money !!!!
still not sure about anything could the 3,000 for execution be more money down the drain

GCD Fraud

I have already got a termination notice last September from Star GIGA. Earlier, I had already sent them email asking them for full refund as they did not handover the unit latest by 31.07.2011 (2 years from original handover date of 31.07.2009).
I travelled to UAE and made complain to ARRA in December'2011. Not sure what to do next but would certainly like to get my money back even if I have to go to the court.
Question: Does TLG first review the documents before filling the law proceedings. I just want to make sure the winning chances before I spend more money.
Secondly, Please keep us updated, if winning in court also does not get the money back, than I guess we shoudl not spend any more of our good money. (At the end of the day, the government also gets our money in the shape of court fees.


listen my brothers,,i really dont understand why u people been fool again and again and again by uae govet first then ajman govt secong then rholding like crooks third then fucker developers and NOWWWWWWWWWW those crook lawyers,,,please do understand my brothers dont be fool plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,,you will win the case but cant get anything anything anything,,and Y because all of them has limited liability companies which has not more than 300000 dhs value + valueless plots,,you wil get ur investment or shares in plots back less than the price u already paid as a fees to lawyer,,,these crook lawyers dont tell u this point but i swear by god this is the truth ,,dont waste ur money,,uae is the top in world list of fraud countries,,and then ajman 1st in uae,,now they give the chance of making money to lawyers after govt master developers and developers......

money back

I am cming to dubai tomorrow and going to tlg I have the 30,000 dirhams to pay the court execution papers but still want to know if and how tlg can recover my money,still need to speak to dubi guy??? and see how his recovery is going,my husband says this is it!!!!!!!, if we dont get anymoney back after paying for execution costs we must put it behind us and move on weve wasted enough , if we get it back we will then go after realestate investment or somgulf for venice tower, has any member any info on this bunch of crooks????

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Any updates?Did you get your money from stargiga?

Dubi Guy

Dubi Guy, any update will be appreciated. I hope you got the refund as the judgement implementation time of 15 days has already past.


Riggerthree, did you go to dubai, you has also won the legal ruling in your favor for refund of the investment. Have you got your investment refunded yet?
Appreciate if you can update us as we can follow the same path.
(Investment in Ajman has runied so many lives, not only the current & past but also runied the future of many investors including me due to loan/mortage payment. Even without receiving any apartment, you still have to refund the loan, so you keep on losing day by day, very very sad). So much is the cost for dream which was shown to the investors of residence visa, nice place to live, etc. just dream and dream

Dubi Guy

Dubi Guy and Riggerthree, any update, did you get your money back. Appreciate your response.
I have booked my tickets for dubai and will land in dubai on 28th April. Please confirm we can meet and how can I contact you or any investor who is interested to meet.

Please respond

Dubi Guy and Riggerthree, please respond....
Have you won the law case?, if yes, any please update, did you get your money back. Appreciate your response.
I have booked my tickets for dubai and will land in dubai on 28th April. Please confirm we can meet and how can I contact you or any investor who is interested to meet.
I am traveling to Dubai on 28th April & want to file a court case aganist start GIGA on 29th April. I hope to win the ruling in my favor as I have all the supporting documents. evidence with me. Would appreciate if you can share your experiences and suggestions.


I think this is a lawless country, even if you have won the court case, there is no implimentation of the law , becase the goverment is also currept. So I think its all waste of more money unless I am wrong.
Asim Siddiqui

Dubai-Guy and riggerthree

Please tell us what has happened since you won your cases, did STARGIGA refund your investments? have the court enforced the ruling or the reality is different? share your experience to us so we can make decissions whether to go on the same path as you? and remember your experience will help many investors who are exploring different ways of getting investments back, if your action did not succeed someone else will try something else and will share their experience so that it helps others. so please make your experiences public on this blog.

Any Update

Hi Guys, any update? I have stopped receiving any mails from Star Giga... Planning to go their office tomorrow i.e. 10.05.2012. I have invested in GCD-2. Is there any way out of this...???

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I think you should visit The TLG office and see if they can negotiate refund from stargiga since they already have won 2 cases against them.

EC Fraud

IT seems like even spending money to file a law suit and get the decision in favor of investors still takes a long time to get it implemented - refund of investors money. I am sure one day developers like Star GIGA & others will have to return the investors money as it is claer breach of contract on account of the developer to fullfill his committments as per contrat.
It would be wise for developers like star GIGA to refund the investors money to avoid further damage to their image and reputation.