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sweethomes paradise lakes update

Hey Guys,

spoke to Sweethomes and they reckon handover for B5 and B6 will be Dec 2014 because of the road that needs to be constructed to the motorway.

They also reckon that lillies will not handover till April (even though this is not their development).

They said they are seeking permission to reduce the size of B2 B3 and B4 to only 15 floors.

Not sure what this means for people on the higher floors??? Maybe someone can phone them and ask.


any new about B7
thank u


Sorry not sure about B7 but here is the number for their office in Ajman


Once they actually hand over B5 and B6 people will get some confidence back that these guys mean to finish the job. Also we will be able to find out if they try to pull any stupid tricks like attempt to fine people for late payment - this would be extremely ironic given that they themselves are the ones who have brought significant delays. If they do they would be very stupid because I will not be handing over a single penny if they do this. They will lose the confidence over all of the other investors in the other towers.


Akhiabani on ARRA website should everyone be registering their apartment here

or is this for something else?

Is there actually a tel no. for ARRA anywhere?

I couldn't locate it on their website

akhiabani's picture

Arra website

Good question which I have no answer for it.
The Arra website is one of the most stupid websites out there.
It just doesn't make sense to me..Which is no surprise because this stupid agency was created just to make more money for these crooks and create few jobs for Emiratees who either can't speak English nor have any knowledge of anything to reply to my emails...