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Regarding the Emiratescity

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It seems to me that Arra is in need of a regulatory body because there hasn't been a solution for this dead city yet.
Is it really hard to get the crook developers like Chapal to restart or refund the investors money?
Isn't Rholding a government owned company responsible for a solution as a master developer and owner of this failed project?
After eight years we are still in a limbo thanks to Arra's lack of action.
Keep up the good work Arra because it is in favor of these crooks to make money with our money.

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EC Needs an Exorcist

EC needs an exorcist to remove the evilly possessed spirits from it.

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Arra's Total failure

" The aim of Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency (ARRA) to regulate the real estate activities and joint ownership in Ajman and the development of policies"
How about this failed city of Emirates???
Who is going to regulate these crooks???