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salaam aleykum to all,

Emirates City was the bigges disaster for working class people like me. we can't do anything to go after developers because the law makers in Ajman are part of the game and because we have no other resources to make a case agianst developers and against the master developer RHolding. they are not aware of the continued suffering they have to much to spend and too much to worry about such as lost investments in europe and USA where most of the shiks and amiris invest in bonds and shares in national banks of these countries or in bankrupted larg companies. only allah knows where all the money is gone! but one thing must not be forgotten: look forward while not abandoning your rights, the nature of life is there are always ups and downs, if you loos in life it should not destroy your future life, build again on what you've got now and keep in mind the experience you've gained while living in though times.

may allah help you all.