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orbit tower

what is the currunt status...anybody know?

Orbit tower emerites city Ajman

Well I went few months before ARRA office and I got to know that they will not do anything..reason bc Orbit tower had never be registerd with them.The consultant over there told me as they were regist.with Ajman one can filed a case in Ajman court.The property advisors advice..dont do it,It will cause further waste of money and time with out any benefit.So what left is just keep raising yours voice through media and forum,write letters to Ajman officials and do watchfull watching.
At the end what I beleive that Allah subhanahu tallah is watching and he will not let our halal money to go waste like that.I am cool.

Orbit Tower Ajman

Please for all investors in Orbit tower..any update do write here as this is the only way to communicate with eachother.
hear from you soon.