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My response to "Final notice"

Below is my response to them .Hope you guys do same

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for sending us mail , it shows your company have just woke up after 2 years .What makes me surprise that after you got-up you start asking about payment.

Can you please justify payment for what ? We have waited 2 years for you to complete the project and now with out starting construction you have requested for further payment ?

Payment for what ? which payment ? Show some humanity

Don t waste your time in sending me mail . I wont pay any thing till I see construction started .

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very good!

very good! im even taking thing matter with ARRA, and man is there in ARRA right now.

notice of termination

Just now I have received notice of termination! has anyone else got this? what can we do? is there anything we can do or realistically have we lost all the money we invested?

here is what i got

This is with reference to your reservation of the above property in our project Goldcrest Dreams and the subsequent notices and final notice (ref: 2011/GCD/02/B1806-1291, dated May 10, 2011) issued to you to arrange the settlement of the due amount as per ARRA’s instructions vide letter reference: ARRA/OGL/APR.11/126-AD-SM dated 02-May-2011.

In accordance with ARRA’s instructions: as the default in payment was not remedied in the project escrow account within the default period stated in the notice-of-overdue-amount; the agreement now stands terminated.

Effective immediately:

¾ We now reserve the rights to deal with the property as we dim fit including selling it to any prospective buyer.

¾ You have no claim whatsoever in this property nor have you any rights that were granted to you with respect to your reservation of the property. All rights have been revoked.

¾ All monies paid towards with reference to this property are as of now forfeited.

This is for your information and records.


Im so angry, how dare they do this, I have tried contacting them so many times to arrange a realistic payment method but they never r espond!! and now this! i dont know what to do...

notice of termination

This is the story of every investor in EC, and this is the only solution Dev have got, cancel everyone on any unjustified reason then they can walk away without any problem, EC is not going to come up in near future anyone who visit the site will realise only, its a graveyard of bunch of towers.
I am also one to unfortunate investor of EC who Curse EC Developer everyday, not only me each and every investor Curse EC Dev so how they can succeed. they all are thieves.

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u dont have to pay!

according to the contract we signed the project suuposed to be finished end of july 2009 and if not, the long stop date was jan 2010. By this time we have to pay only 40% and the balance 60% to be paid in 2 years time after the hand over! so far i have paid about 38% and im not going to pay a single dhirhams until the flat hand over to me.


I have send copy of this

I have send copy of this mail to ARAA as well " Its my request to all members here do same"

Send copy of mail to ARAA and send hard response to GCD let them finish the project and we will pay
We have wait for them now its their turn.

Please inform all members to send response to ARAA and GCD

Their turn

It is now their turn to wait. i am not going to pay them

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better to contact arra

Sat, 03/19/2011 - 13:55 — faisal ek better to contact arra

@ sammy: i cant say u to take it easy! because the situation isn't easy for all of us. i live here in uae and i have very frequent contact with star giga and ARRA(ajman real eastate regulation authority).

I gave a print out of the same email in which they ask for money to my man who went to arra, mr omar barghouti, (director of arra) got very angry and threw the paper and told my man not to worry. then arra called giga for a meeting and waiting for the result, i will post as soon as i have any news.

star giga staffs are very .... i dont no what to say; i always fight with them on the phone. they never reply to any mail! they will only send mail for asking money!!!

Faisal's contact with ARRA

Dear Faisal,

Thank you for taking this to Mr Omar Barghouti. Good to know his response.

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Thank you faisal ek for this

Thank you faisal ek for this encouraging information

Star Giga .payment claim

please make joint efforts to expedite our case at earliest.
I emailed to Star Giga in response to theit email as follows.

Regret to inform you that my all earlier emails bounced back as example ur email 21.10.2010 replied on 24.10.2010 (delievery failed 3 times)
As far as yor recent email is concerned I am extremly surprise to read the contents which are sort of threatening, 1 sided and far from reality.
The following emailed as final notice for non payment with the threat warning that the contract will be cancelled and forfeit that amount paid by me until make the overdue payment.
This I can say it is your desperate effort to recover more money with no development on the project.
1.The payment schedule signed /agreed upon by both parties, how come and by which law has become void by Giga?. Dont you think, Isn’t unjustified?
2.At the time we signed the agreement,water and electricity issue was very much there and obviously this doesn’t seem to be sorted out for the next few years. How can this construction stopped due to the same cause?
3. The delivery of the apartment has been delayed for three to five years and investor has right to claim paying penalty from Star Giga.
Star Giga are in breach of the contract and not us and that they have until July 2011 to complete and handover the project or we have the right to CANCEL this contract and legally get our money back .
The buyer has the right to terminate the contract and give a written notice to seller,if the completion date is delayed by more than 2 years( as force measure). They are then by law required to refund the money within 60 days.
Now the completion Date in contract is: July 31st 2009

So that means by July 31st 2011 if they don't handover the completed project STAR GIGA are in BREACH OF CONTRACT and we can give them a written notice of termination.

Written notice on the 31st July 2011 sounds like the way to go!

Thanks for your positive comments. Let's go for it!

GCD cancellation

I have already received contract termination letter without refund from Star GIGA for my investment in GCD1. I plan to file a complain with ARRA shortly and presently working on the documentation.
I should be in UAE by the end of the month, is any one else in the same situation, if yes would you like to meet and have common understanding before filing the complain.
I also plan to file a law suit and will be looking for lawyers dealing with real estate, if you know any one and would like to recommend, please suggest with approx. cost applicable for such a law suit.

Ok this what i heard last

Ok this what i heard last time i spoke with them ....
They said we will sent emails asking people to pay 30% of there apartment price so we can start building.
If people dont pay that money we will terminate there contract.
what happen to the people who pay 30 % and more????? hmmm
they r a minority which means they r around 5 % and we will try to shift there contract to other projects and if they dont want to shift , then they have to waite for us to termintae all the investors contracts who didnt pay 30 % and then we cancel the project and we will refund the money for the people who paid over the 30% of the amount of there apartments.

basicly this what i heard from them last time i visited them/
GCD4 is never going to get built they made it clear no idea about GCD 1,2,3

well i paid 33% of my apartment money, so what will happen for me?????
They said u need to waite this might take till end of 2014 to finish all this drama with the people who didnt pay 30 % of there property.
So im here waiting to see what will go on from here till 2014 cause i cant do shit, as long as they dont ask more money from me.

Good luck everyone cause u need it

One last thing they will terminate all the contracts under 30 % of the original price if u didnt do any payment, aslong ur over 30 % ur safe

If taht comes true

Reallly if this is true id ont mind waiting till 2014end if I am going to get my money wt i have paid bcos I have paid 37% and 39% respectively for 2 apartments which i have booked.


GCD Fraud

Star GIGA are crooks, they are going to vanish as soon as they are not abe to get any more money from the investors. Personally, I would not trust them any more.
It is hard to believe any thing they say or even confirmed in writing or also the signed terms and conditions given in the Sales agreement. I would not trust them. Possibiliy this is one more trick they are trying to play with the investors who have paid less than 30% to get some more payments from them before they vanish.
I could also not belive that they would refund the payment in 2014 for investors who have paid over 30%. This is just one more fraud stateements.
I would advise investors who have paid less than 30% not to make any more payments, the more you pay the more you lose. However, at the end it is your decision and judgement if you would like to pay.