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2012 has started and this year according to contractual details the developers are legally bound to compensate along with penalty amounts. Thereby this year a lot of legal proceedings are expected from the Investors. A good suggestion was posted by szsiddiqui in this forum about Legal Advice at this forum. Is it possible to arrange a legal support forum at this website. A honest and true legal advice is needed by most of us. If any member himself or suggest a honest legal expert it should be welcomed.

unity is strength

we have to unite together some investors are here some are there groups here and there it doest nt work this way we are sailors of same boat and victims of injuistice lets unite together in one strong group and have one leader GCDcrook is actively involved lets choose him or we can vote for one and then contact the media .and proceed from there.


Any UAE citzenship recording to thier low he is over the low and you know how took our money .they put just some figer ( names ) from india or pakistan to cover the game in profisnall way .belive me .i have dobut that we will get even our money not to get more ( refund) .hope i am wrongggggggggggg

lets unite

form one strong group its time now refund plus profit thats the goal.

I created a group on facebook.

they robbed my dad of 1 million dirhams, thanks for ruining my future, they need to pay, i am sure if we join and make a strong petition with everyone of the invester we can make a difference, here is the link to the group, pls share all the info, we need to get updated through the investors side:

pot at end of the rainbow is empty

Legal action should only be contemplated by the buyer if the party being pursued, that is the developer that the buyer signed the SPA with, has money in the pot. Most would agree that most private developers in Emirates City are probably technically insolvent, that is, they have no cash in the pot. So even if the court rules in buyers favor, where is the money coming from to refund your investment...not the court, not the government, but the party being pursued being the developer...but no money in the pot to refund. Legal action against developer is expensive in UAE. Plan on spending at least AED 100,000 just to get the case to a court. So do the math. Would you spend AED 100,000 plus plus when there is no money in the pot at the other end of the rainbow. It makes no sense spending good money when there is nothing there to go after.

Leo is a developer agent

Leo you feel nothing can help the investors. If that was the case what are you doing here in this web site discouraging others. And why then you are not keeing quite. Instead everywhere in this forum you are pasting this message to discourage other investors. Go and tell your agent developer that as happens in any movie, in the end the crook is beaten and ashamed .

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There are all kinds of people who have joined this community.Our goal is to keep each other informed,share ideas, and fight for a common goal which is to get our money bank.I do not think that any body has a money printing machine and we can just keep on printing more money and forget the money we paid to these criminals.Ultimately we have to decide for ourselves who is an agent of these crooks and who is poor investor.

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Going Legal

Salem Salem Al Shaali, General Manager of Al Shaali & Co Advocate and Legal Consultants.

(In civil cases, Al Shaali said the plaintiff may ask a pardon from the litigation fee and this will be temporary according to the case result. This fee had to be paid back to the court by the plaintiff if he lost the case or by the respondent if the plaintiff wins the case.)
I have to find out more info regarding this but it is great that you can file a case with zero money upfront.

litigation fee

This would be great news, please share with us your findings.

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Lawyer or Programmer

Isn't there a lawyer or good programmer who has invested in Ajman?

Chapal Glory investment

Apparently, we have invested in Chapal Glory, a tower planned to be built in Emirates City, Ajman. We have paid over 70% of the installments, but apparently according to the developer, the project is now on hold, and there are no plans to re-start it anytime in the future.

Our contract will expire in June 2012, and hence, we have approached ARRA, and registered a complaint.

ARRA has responded, and since we have already paid a lot of money, they advised us to go to dubai or ajman court. The developer has offered us different projects to swap with but with very high prices we cannot afford.

I am seeking legal guidance.

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Shocking that we are not hearing from the chapal investors.Every one has paid at least %60 on the harmony,glory and presidency.If you have the means you have to file a case.It would be better to organize a group to cut on costs but there is a real lack of cooperation among investors.

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What is the function of Arra if all they can say is go to the court? Aren't they supposed to regulate and make sure the developers are doing their job?

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ARRA is under RHolding

ARRA opened their office to fool investors ,when they cannot solve these why they ask us to make complain in their office!! We should go to Ajman court and Ajman police, these Gang of RH and ARRA will not help.

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.. and Ajman police won't

.. and Ajman police won't help either. You are confronted with a family business and we all know, who the family is...

But remember they are muslims

After all the developers, the businesses, their agents, the state, its court, police are ironically all muslims. Then have we lost faith in Muslims who always talk about justice in this world we live especially today. Dont we think that these muslim bodies and organizations will not cheat the investors and some light will shine at the end of the dark tunnel. The whole world has seen the integrity of the western world and it the word TRUST that has succeeded in the great western economy. The muslims will definitely not stoop low in cheating innocent poor investors in building an evil economy. Therefore dont give up. GET UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS.

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Well lets just say they are all born in a so called muslim country and what they are practicing..................
Actions speak louder...