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Lavender Tower

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Lavender Tower is a creation of sheer architectural excellence. This is where ethereal splendor and soothing serenity come together in an enchanting union of quality. This tower is the most modern residential tower exuding engineering brilliance and architectural magnificence of supreme quality. This towers has been designed keeping in mind all requirements of comfortable homes with every utility within the gambit of unsurpassed luxury. It is planned to meet and exceed the lifestyle requirements of one and all.

Developer: R-Holdings

Plot:  D1

No. of Floors: 46



12 x One Bedrooms and 4 x Two Bedrooms make up the 16 apartments per floor from 7th to 41st floor and 10 x One Bedrooms and 4 x Three Bedrooms make up the 14 apartments per floor from 42nd to 46th floor .

This tower is G + 46 floors, first 6 floor are only for parking and 40 floors for residential apartments.


The entrance of the building

The entrance of the building is from back side ( from C- Row ) at Ground floor two big show rooms are planned, so we can see some big super market or any other kind of show rooms with each building of D Rows.

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