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How to lunch a complain in ARRA

Hi, I spoke with ARRA today and told them that I have complain from Chapal as they have not completed their project and is not giving our money back. They told me that Chapl case is in court as they have run away and I should lunch a complain against them in ARRA to get updated court results.

Does anyone know how to file complains against developer wit ARRA? There is nothing in their website for this and I don't live in Emirates to visit them.


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I would also like to file

I would also like to file a complaint online. Chapal is operating in dubai under the name of limelight almost finishing the destiny.

Thanks for the info, Jawid. I

Thanks for the info, Jawid. I have the same problem. It seems that Chapal has moved to Pakistan.

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Ajman government needs to

Ajman government needs to take chapals properties back and return our money. Chapal owns lots of land in ajman.

ARRA complaints against developers


I lodged a complaint with ARRA against BL properties back in 2015. Had to go there personally and provide copy of all the documents and then ARRA will issue a complaint registration number.

However nothing has happened since and I've continuously chased with no further updates. ARRA are absolutely useless and its a total waste of time. ARRA have taken no action that's why these developers are so easy conning clients. Developers can just take deposits and then disappear, no-one is forcing them or checking what they are doing.

Ajman is a joke for investors, courts do next to nothing. ESCROW as setup to protect investors - so why have developers taken money from ESCROW accounts and run off. Ajman government should bare some of the blame and take some real action against these fraudsters.