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Gulf News about new decree on Emirates City

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I may have been wrong

I may have been wrong. .. Maybe he had not closed his eyes and was actually looking at the EC mass driving to Uptown.

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Until we get our money back plus

Until we get our money back plus damages all this is media consumption and ajman government is masturbating to make themselves happy...

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ARRA sponsored swap by Rholding was

ARRA sponsored swap by Rholding was a complete scam and I do hope they come up with something sensible.

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Gulf News about new decree on Emirates City

After the mess waiting for 10 Years to get what invested and paid 80% will there be any inventors again to burn money in desert? sand ?

BL Properties projects

I'm Glad that someone as won a court case against BL properties. However they seem to have done nothing I the last 9 years. ARRA said 2 years back that they were giving the developer 6months time to restart their delayed project work -ARRA have done nothing with regards to any confirmation on what BL is going to do. ARRA have also made no decision on what they plan to do if BL has run off. Considering a lot of the later BL projects were protected by ESCROW, why then does ARRA not try to freeze the accounts, or are they too late and BL has taken all the funds. What has the decree issued 2 years back achieved, waste of time/money going to ARRA to complete settlement claim forms. BL will only act if put under some pressure.

Ajman government needs to act now and stop this blatant fraud.

I would like to see if investor gets any payments from winning the case. Then we can decide if its worth pursuing BL through courts.

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After reading the article

After reading the article few times I have come to conclusion of the fact that these guys are idiots. Finish the already started projects before talking about new projects behind EC. I can't wait to read that upcoming decree...

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ARRA to restart stalled projects

"Currently, we don't have the right to take over a stalled project and give it to a new developer to restart work. But under the proposed new rules, we will have that power," said Yafea Al Faraj, executive director of Arra.

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Happy new year and

Happy new year and thanks to all members for sharing ideas and keeping our hopes alive.

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Still waiting for this promised decree

Still waiting for this promised decree. ..

Need Advice-Shami Twin Towers

I paid 99% of the total price of one unit in Shami Twin Towers, Brouks. I have the contract and the original receipts. AARA told me that my name is not shown on the ESCREW Account (I paid to the company to its Account in Switzerland).

Now, AARA doesn't help and the guys disappeared with all my money. What can I do? Some friends say sue the Crooks, but will this work? How much will this cost me. I am broke!