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ARRA Property dispute commitee ??

Hi !!

Like many others I have lost a good amount of my hard earned money in GCD 2, Emirates CIty project .I came to know that ARRA is going to form a PROPERTY DISPUTE COMMITTEE by first quarter of 2010.But I think nothing has been done so far ? So if anyone has latest update on the same please let me know .
I'm waiting for this to happen becuase going to the court is another nightmare which I have personally experienced at Ajman Court , also it is very expensive .

did your developer file a case for non payment on you in Ajman

what happened can you put some light about the Ajman court experiences, what costs you have to pay if you want to file a case etc or if your developer has filed a case against you in Ajman court.

Kindly put some of your experiences.
all the best

crystal residency

Can you please advise me what is happening on the pdc cheques? Are they returning them?

Ajman Court experience

Friend !!

2 weeks back i had gone to Ajman court after getting a letter from Ajman RERA which says ETA & GCD 2 is not registered with Ajman Rera.
Going to Ajman court was a nightmare .First of all NO ENGLISH , Enlgish is sort of banned there .I wasted 2 hours to wait for my turn to talk to a person who just says maafi here only arabic.Then he asked me to go to the tying person who knows english .

SO I discussed my case with a typing guy who told me that I have to pay 1500 AED first for translating the contract and some documents in arabic and for registering my case in Ajman court.After that I would have to pay 17,000 AED for opening my case in Ajman court .Other expenses etc. And no garauntee if I would get any money back .

You guessed right ,,I said Shukriyaa and came back to dubai .

Re:Crystal residency

Friend !!

NEVER EVER USE PDC Cheques in UAE unless there is other way to pay. Nowdays governement is very strict on defaulters.Hope u r aware of this.Also developer can use pdc as tool to blackmail you and force you to pay all money even when they are not doing any construction work. You can try but I don't think they will give you back those pdc cheques .

Lilies Tower, Apartment No. 1706

Dear Sir,
Please inform me by all details about above mentioned subject and it is true that there are new rules and regulation about the delveloper which they can't hand over their properties to buyers if the deadline of these properties are passed and it is true that there are uniform contract prepareed by ARRA regarding to all registration new properties which it is underconstruction?

my quiry because I have a property in Lilies Tower, Apartment No. 1706 belong to R holding and I bought it from them in 2006 to hand over to me in mid of 2009, till to date I can't take my flat from them either they didn't returned back my money altough it was a signed contract between us mentioned if the seller can't able to hand over the property to the buyer in certain time so it will back my money without profit within 90 days from the day who I give them a notice of termination which I already did that in 4/10/2009.

so, please inform me about the new rules and law of Ajman and what I do to get my right? and is there any possibility to get my money back or I shall raise my case to the Ajman Court?

also am I can get a written undertaking for completion date from the seller to indicate the final day for taking my apartment?

with my best regards.

Alaa Abdulrahman Mohammed

R Holding

R Holding has spoiled the Ajman property, they played dirty game with middle income people.

Money in business is essential, but earned by bad intentions and cheating the poor people by the authorities, they are responsible to govern the Ajman its shameful.

They will be punished in this world only, today they may enjoying our hard earn money... tomorrow they have to pay lot of cost against that.

Arra and R Holding

Dear all,i am in same sh...t situation. I have also been to Ajman Court and no one speaks english, moreover thye dont even look at you. i went somewhere up -down was just a security guard- and there are just some offices, no public relation section. I could bearely speak french -i am begginer on this language- and that because it was there a local lady who asked me if i can speak french-she studied in France. Ideea is,as Hari said, we will spend alott of money if we try to go to court and myself i can afford to loose anymore. Plus, who will trow the money on those guys in Ajman Court???
Regarding Arra, i have spoken to all customer service people there and even with their lawyer-they have only one!!!- and i recahed to conclusion that ARRA came up just to take more money from us. I even asked them if they invented this institution with so manny employees just to print those forms in which they say our projects are not registered with them. After all, ther are charging us for that small paper 50 DHS, and that job could be done by a printing machine and an employee...
From Arra i never got anny help, as u expect to get from a government institution, moreover, they sent me to R Holding, becauyse ,as lady assured me 'is sheikh's company' to change my project. Its all a familly business, and we have nothing to do them just go the hell out of there asap....

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That's really shamful on the

That's really shamful on the part of ARRA. How are they going to address every client with their dispute issue? Are they gonna use some paper discovery to ensure their clients' hard-earned money?

Sweet homes - ??

can anyone please let me know if they were successful to swap property from Emirats City to Ajman Uptown or in B5 Tower in Emirates City??

Also, if anyone knows if any of the Emirates city towers has been copleted and handed over.. ??

Thank you

Sweet homes -

Hello salmanmasum:

Sweet Homes has allowed a lot of customers in Paradise Lakes and Rainbow Towers to swap to some of the progressive towers in Paradise Lakes and the nearby Ajman Uptown project. Whether the progressive towers in Paradise Lakes are at all progressing towards completion is something only a recent visitor to Emirates City can confirm. As for Ajman Uptown, Sweet Homes has finally posted some photos showing progress in infrastructure work on its Construction Update page. They have repeatedly missed their self-set deadlines for delivery of Ajman Uptown, so who knows what will happen to the December 2013 deadline. They now have access to cash in the form of regular instalments from customers who agreed to swap their units, in addition to bank loans. If they are unable to start handing over units in Ajman Uptown by December, it will seriously affect their last chance of salvaging their reputation as a property developer in the UAE.

Has sweethomes knows what is

Has sweethomes knows what is the meaning of reputation? they only knows how to pull your money to their account with lot of attracations in advertisement and showing some useless web site. take care your money.

EC Fraud

The whole world knows the volume of the fraud done in EC, not only by the developers but also by the R-Holding which is owned by the rulers of ajman.
I do not think that they care about their reputation. In fact, no one in this world would ever trust them with their action in EC Fraud