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Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency has launched an initiative called “Get To Know Us” and it comes out of the strategic plan of the Agency. The purpose of this initiative is to enhance transparency and stability in the emirate's real estate market, and it also aims to promote the role of the Agency, its services and the deployment of real estate culture in society.

During the event held at Ajman’ Mosaic Market, direct meetings with the public and families were held to introduce them to the Agency and its effective role in controlling and organizing the real estate market in addition to providing recommendations and guidance on real estate projects within the scope of the freehold, and the mechanisms used for ensuring secured investment in Ajman.

His Excellency Mr. Yafea Al Faraj, The Executive Director of Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency said that the Agency seeks to be a pioneer in the field of development and regulation of the real estate sector and enhance safety and transparency, and from here comes the creativity and innovation in spreading awareness and knowledge of the community through the presence of the decision makers of the relevant sectors of society. The initiative has been greatly welcomed by families and the public who have conveyed the Agency’ exerted efforts to spread awareness on real estate.

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There is no such thing called

There is no such thing called transparency in ajman where the ruling family owned company has been holding my money for the last ten years with no explanation on zero construction of the Eye tower.

Alhambra, by Tameerat

It's been almost 10 years this company Tameerat is holding my hard earned money in the name of apartment in Alhambra 2. They did not do any construction beyond some piling work. ARRA did not help at all in retrieving my money.
How can ARRA build any confidence or transparency in consumers, when there is no respect for investors hard earned investment. I hope that Ajman Govt will understand their responsibility as a civilized nation and try to either provide us the projects the builder promised or retrieve our money from the builder whether if they have to sell the land for example A21/A22 vacant land and return us our money.

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Confidence and trust is not necessary as there is a sucker born every minute to fall into a deceptive trap. There is a lesson to be learnt from getting cheated.

Narrated Abu Huraira (Radi-Allahu 'anhu):

Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) said, "When honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour." It was asked, "How will honesty be lost, O Allah's Apostle?" He said, "When authority is given to those who do not deserve it, then wait for the Hour."

Bukhari Vol. 8 : No. 503