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ARRA and Aman Qureshi of Lake View Real Estate

Rumour or fact has it that Dubai wanted to release Aman Qureshi of Lake View Real Estate from jail but Ajman asked for him to remain there. Why?

If Arra is so keen to expedite various developers from other locations, more so AQ who is sitting at their doorstep.

Obviously Ajman does not want to face the music re: AQ

They allowed him to instigate the development of 5 + towers in their homeland without doing due diligence on him and his company.
They allowed him to be under the jurisdiction of Dubai instead of Ajman and now, when they have the chance to right a wrong they wash their hands of him.

Conracts for Lake View Real Estate are under the jurisdiction of Ajman. AQ and Lake View Real Estate are both mentioned in the sales and purchase contracts, they are inseperable, so why not bring AQ back to Ajman. The fact that he bought land in Ajman with investors money means he is answerable for his behaviour there and to the investors of Lake View Towers in Ajman.

Arra says it has no power over Lake View Real Estate or Aman Qureshi, surely the last paragraph refutes this. Aman Qureshi owns land in a real estate development in Ajman, The Emirates City. Therefore Arra do have power in this situation.

A crime was committed here that needs to be addressed. Ajman should move to make amends.






Secret info. about aman and suhail qureshi

i would like you to send me any information about lake view tower,
please, i don`t know anything what is going on.
and i don`t know where to start.
my email :

Booked apartment in LVT NO 1

Sir do guide us what to do as i had already payed 204000 DHS against 390000dhs one bed apartt in LVT NO1 since 2008 no news about Aman Qureshi plz tell us what to do it was my hard earn money why not Ajman Ruler take these fraud guys to task are we living in 13 century no law ...

Mashooq talpur

who cares, all of ajman developers are theives

really, who cares.

I would like to tell you

I would like to tell you about Laeeque Ahmad. My dad bought a house from him too, we do regret working with Laeeque because he played both sides and made us pay extra money on the side assuring us we would get the price we wanted for the property if we did so. My dad paid him $2000 and ended up paying asking price for the house after that.

dear sir

i bought an apartement in lake view tower two and i payed about 45% of the total amount , i need to know a new information about this theive " aman qurashi " , can you give me the address of the new office of lake view ,

i went to them in banks streets " business centre " the he change his office to shaikh zayed street the he return back again to banks street " altwhidi building " but unfourtinatly he changed his office again this was before 2 or 3 months , because i went to his office yesterday and i descoverd that he has transferd ,

really i want to know how to get our money back >
and if you know his new office address plz give it to me ................
could you mail me on my e-mail :


Register you on our forum: ..................

We want meet once more at Arra.

lake view real estate

my brothers all our money gone to same scheich from Ajman Mafia Family .I was witness when omar Quarshi with his office staffe and with his lowyer came to ARRA to opet the escourt account in Ajman Bank to build 3 tower first and then later will build the last 2 .they ask for bank accout and how much money he had in this time in his accout and in which bank his money .he got letter through his lowyer that they counsil all tower and they toke his money from accout .the aim from ARRA was just to know the accout of money from omar quarshi.its Ajman Mafia .even high police office in alrrifai station in Dubai told me that Mr.quarshi gave us clear evidence that money som scheich from Ajman royal took it .therefore you cant do anything even with lower .they blocked everything when you go to Arra they will tell you go to court or its not our proplem .fuck them

if its true you can report it to the Ministry of Economy

"Based on the new draft law, the "Higher Committee to Combat Commercial Fraud" has been formed in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers. It will be chaired by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy. The committee will study reports of fraud and deceit referred to it by the competent authority and take the necessary decisions."

You may now have an avenue of redress via the Ministry of Economy, if you know that your escrow money was seized fraudulently and illegally by a third party. From what you say, you purchased a product (apartment) and a. the product was never delivered and b. your funds were taken by a third party, without your permission.

here is the correct link to the article

Fines of up to Dhs 1 million can be imposed plus jail if criminal intent can be proven. last year over 1000 fines were imposed by the Ministry of Economy against fraudsters who sold counterfeit products to the public deceitfully:

akhiabani's picture

Big joke

UAE ministry of economy referred me to Ajman planning office which is headed by the big crook.


the UAE would not be member of that org if it were going to be used against the sheiks and their businesses. I don't thing they're too stupid to do that. I thing the membership terms would have been negotiated before joining. the purpose of joining any organization is to serve own interest and not the interest of the opponents. don't be too optimistic and too naïve, this is only to show the outside world to gain their trust so they could invest in that country.

lake view in Ajman

I advice every one not to invest in Ajman, there are no protection at all, there are no law there, the only law in Ajman is SHIEKH law and his family and his surrounding, i am still writing articles in New york about how we lost our money in Ajman, the shiekh could help us, refund or compensation us, but he did not do it at all.

If was in another emirates we could get some thing back, it is only Ajman is like that, Theres invest reputations came down 70%.

They still can do some thing for investors in Ajman, i do respect other emirates like Dubai, much more organised and better reputations.

The ARRA office is just for decoration, staffs there have no power to do any thing, if you go there, then they ask you to go to court, simple, they want to shout your mouth straight away, if it was in a civilised country they could do some thing for investors, they knows 90% of investors are outside UAE,

I never gave up, i still write to them, call them, writing articles in USA media about our situations,

Shiekh of Ajman is very very very rich. he could give our money back which for him is just like to give away $1 from his pocket.

Even they call them self a good muslim!
i never seen such a big scam in non muslim country like happened in Ajman