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It has been over a year of the BL properties notice being posted on the website of this so called regulating agency. There was no solution for the mentioned tower and these lazy people haven't bothered to update this website.
After nine years of failed projects in this Emirates city, shouldn't this government come forward with a plan to end this mass created by them???

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Which end of the horse is

Which end of the horse is the head???
That is a problem with this agency.
Owners association of handful of completed towers in ajman is more important than over 80 dead projects in just Emirates city.

I have been writtng many

I have been writtng many emails to ARRA and to ajman bank escrow, asking how they protect the buyer's right and money. I cant believe they never reply back. Why? Anyone got respond from them? ARRa assuared me verbally but not through email.

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not a single reply since the creation of

Not a single reply since the creation of Arra. They don't really care...

ARRA BL Properties

ARRA will not reply via email because they know that can be used against them. They promise a lot and deliver on nothing. IT was a waste of money going there on the decree about BL properties back in Sept 2014, nothing has happened since. Chased ARRA but all they say is no new update with regards to BL properties. ARRA do not want to get in to a position were they have investors chasing them for refunds, they will use the blame game ( developers run away, nothing we can do). ARRA will then re-sell the land and make a nice substantial profit -once again. Wow government will do nothing, developers will do nothing and if you want to go to the lawyers they will charge an absolute fortune and they cannot ensure that you will get any monies refunded - that pretty much leaves investors stuffed good an proper.

Ajman has become the new crooks haven, loot and plunder and the government will help you con as many people as you want. Ajman government still cannot get its house in order after nearly 9 years of this mess. What are the people in the government of Ajman employed for, apart from sitting around and bossing the poor migrants around.

Good knows when this Emirates city and the Amazing non existent Royal Lakeview will ever come into existance.