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Dear all
what happened between me and alfurqan developers two weeks ago

Q where is our money that we paid
A spent on land and constriction

Q there is no constriction its 1m high
A yes that all your money

Q How much money did you take from investors
A 18million dirham

Q you want me to belive that 1m high dump of sand cost you 18milion
A yes it did

Q how much money is in the escrow account?
A nothing much very little money

Q what you waiting for?
A bank loan it will take about three mionths.

Q I have 3 options for you
1 give me some of my money back I will accept the loss
2 give me replacement with any other project
3 write down on paper that after three months if constriction doesn’t start you will give my money bak


And that’s when I flipped and the lest I told him was the only thing developing was his fake Muslim beard that was used to misled everyone so that you can steel their children’s money .
He said you should be happy im still in UAE I told him your probably not allowed out
If he had one gram of honor and pride he would have shot him self after the 15 minutes nonstop insult shot at his face but what can I say I was talking to a thief messed up trash
I filed a compliant in ARRA and of course I filled a case in the police where they sent me to court and I was able to get an order (I will not talk more about this as its confidential) I advice you all to fill a case at least in ARRA go to Mr Dheya it wont take more that 15 minutes .

never give up

thanks for letting us your confrontation with ALFURQAN-RE people,we do not have to give up to get our money back or flats built up