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Dear All

I am a UK based investor who bought and invested through Chapal Developers notably the project called "The Presidency" in Ajman in Emirates City, I have invested over 60% of the Project since 2007 and their has been no return on investment.

These are the following facts below in regards to the Presidency Project and i am sure the other Chapal Projects

1. Construction stopped and they will not confirm if and when this or their other projects will resume.

2. The only solution Chapal is offering is to transfer to another non Chapal project in Ajman.

3. No REFUND is being offered by them whatsoever.

4. The list goes on and one

I went to Chapal office late last year and dealt with Nitesh and demanded my money back, he was giving me the same information we cannot give money back, however we can offer you to transfer to one of their projects in Dubai sports city called The that project has stalled.

Secondly I went to ARRA offices in Ajman and filed a complaint against Chapal, this is mandatory then was told i had to go to court to file a case, i went to court and then was told that i had to get the english contract translated into Arabic.....then on top of that i would have had to pay court you can now imagine this is a lot of running around and especially daunting as there is no proper procedures in place and difficult as hardly anyone spoke english.

In the end I gathered all the information i needed and came back to the UK and over the duration of 3/4 months have been in touch with a handful of other investors who have invested with Chapal and as a collective will be organising an action group against Chapal, we will be setting up relevant facebook, twitter campaign and reaching to other investors who have been affected by their investment in Chapal, if we all work in a concerted effort and take the initiative as a collective we can then approach organisations such as ARRA, Ajman Govt and address the issues that developers like Chapal should not be allowed to get away in treating their investors like this and most importantly demand action against them


Thank you

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This is all nonsense.The only way to get our money back from chapal is by going to court which I intend to as soon as my finances allow me.I have 2 units in presidency with %55 and %65 paid.

Chapel Glory issue

My Name is Nida and i am a UK based investor, I have paid 95% for 3 bed apartment but same as you all i am facing issues till now, i am continuously in touch with Mr Noor who is managing the development and he keeps on giving me the swap offer with another chapel development in Dubai with more investment required which is in appropriate. I won't be able to take his offer but willing to take this matter to court so please count me in and let me know if there is anything i can do.


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If you can get a group of 10 or more of the presidency together to file a case I am in. Filing fee of 20000 and maybe 20000 lawyer fee and 5000 for translations fee.So we each put 4500 and it is done.


Hi akhiabani

I will keep you updated as our main priority is get a large group together and take the necessary actions to get our money back.
Are you based in Dubai?

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It is really amazing that chapal has been holding our money since 2007 with not a single law suit against them so far considering they were master developers for emirates lakes towers and some villas.
If we do not get organized and fight them then they deserve to eat our money and run back to pakistan.

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Our inaction as investors not united is the only reason why Chapal is still holding on to our money..

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Action Group against Chapal

Hello UK Investor Ajman,
I also have similar story to tell. I have got 2 units in Presidency. For one I have paid full (100%) & for the other one I have paid around 55%.
I would like to be part of this group & Please let me know what are the next steps.


Investment in Glory


I have invested in an apartment in Chapal Glory, and paid more than 70% of the installments.
I have registered a case in ARRA and they asked me to approach the court.

Pleae keep us updated.

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Re Chapal

Four towers with lot of investors who have paid a lot of money.Where are these investors?

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Chapal's Dirty Game

Chapal is playing a dirty game with us.Because of their 3 year payment plan we all have paid lot of money to them.We can just hide and hope for a miracle.We have to unit and make some noise so they can hear us.

90 members

We have 90 members on our facegroup page

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90 members

Hope something positive will come out of the face book group like filing a case against one of these crooks.

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United for Action

If every one puts 1000 dhs then you can easily file at least two cases..That would be a really positive step forward toward crushing these crooks..

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How to join your group.

I have invested in Chapal's Harmony and have paid 80% of the amount.Chapal office refuses refund.Now there is Freehold Property Sales Center (FPSC) which is offering swap to a property in Dubai.But do not fall into their trap.

I want to join your group. Please inform me how to join your facebook group.

let me know if the group has been established

i'd like to join the group and to know if and when you're going to take some action.
I'm an italian investor and I've bought 3 units in chapal the legacy and paid up to 60% till I stopped payments two years ago.
Can you let me know?
Thank you

How to join your group

Please guide us how to join your group for a collective action.
We are 3-friends working in Saudi Arabia & have invested in THE GLORY Project & have paid almost 70%.

Thanks & Regards


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Action Group?

There isn't one as far as I know. Everyone is hibernating with developers making money from our money and we keep on losing as the days go by.....

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Chapal Action Group

Chapal Action Group

I strongly support the group and would like to join as investors all individual efforts are fruitless.

I would like to share my ordeal that may help in taking appropriate step forward. I invested in Chapal the Hormony and paid 100% of the due installments as per the contract. Remaining amount was to be paid after the handover of the unit. I paid full amount to maintain my credibility and not to provide any excuse to Chapals in case they default. I sent letters to Chapal to cancell my agreement and refund my full amount when they faild to deliver the unit even after the long stop date but no response received. I visited and met several times the director finance who is naphew of the owner Mr. Amin Chapal but did not get any satisfactory answer. He declined to provide me contact number of Mr. Amin. Chapals has shifted their office to another building in same lacality with ne name "The Best Emirates Real Estyate Brokers L.L.C.

I wrote registered letter/complaint to Chairman ARRA followed by reminder but no response. The bank is using our money in genrating its profit as construction is stopped otherwise the ARRA should at least release the money sitting in their account back to investors as long as the construction is stopped.

I contacted a well known legal firm. They advised me to file a court case after studying my papaers that stand very strong as I did fullfil my finanacial commitments as per the contract without default. The Lawyer at the firm told me that I have to pay upfront 10% of the cklaimed amount as their fee and Dhs 25000 court fee that will be refunded if the court decides in my favour. The firm faild to provide any reference of the court case where the investor got his money back. My friends told me that there is no guarantee that you will get the money even if you win the case. I did not take any action as I cannot afford to loose any more money unless I am sure.

One of the Real Estate company in Dubai approached me and offered to swap against ready apartment in sports city. They said that 60% of the money I already paid to Chapals will be adjusted and rest of price difference to be paid in installments starting with 50% payment. The rest of my 40% paid amount I will get a credit note that can be sold on lower price to any new buyer or adjusted if I buy another property from them. Thaere is Catch. The price the quoted for apartment was Dhs 730/sq.ft where as the market price in taht location starts fro 510/sq.ft. Basically they are offering to swap only after adding your paid amount to actual market price that you can buy from market otherwise at real price.

I tried to write many times in editor columns of local newspapers but they did not publish.

It looks all doors are closed. Therefor I strongly support the CAG and would join any action group decides to take. Taking up matter on Facebook and Twitter is a good approach and hopefully will get attention of the authorities concerned. I also suggest to our friends of other countries to highlight the issue at their local media, rights groups and embassies to get attention from the local authorities.

It is extremely painful and frustrating that how our hard earned money has been robbed and we do not know where to go, what to do and who's door to knock for justice.


Your case is 100% similar to mine, where I boght two units in The Harmony, and paid 100% afront for the same reasons you have mentioned above. I also met the so-called nephew of Chapal owner who failed to give me any useful explanation other than that there are a lot of developers in UAE who face the same problem that Chapal World is facing and that Chapal World is trying to find a solution to the problem! When I asked what kind of solution, his reply was that they do not know at the moment, may be in the next few years, three years, perhaps they might resume construction!!!!! It seems to me that its not only Chapal who have ripped of innocent inventors but also ARRA and the whole lot of other DUBAI developers including Dubai Properties Group, Mizin, on Remraam Community, where I bought two units and paid 95%, but now they force people to pay extra for not onloy delayed handover, two and half years late, but also uncompleed construction in the middle of nowhere and no utilities!

Yes, it IS extremly painful and frustrating and no one or where to turn to for justice, except to God Almighty!

Facebook page Ajman investors

I have created a facebook page for discussions about Ajman property. Please use the page to get connected and discuss all issues including opportunities..

I will be traveling to Ajman next week and figure out what's actually going on..

Ajman Investors The Harmony

All the best with your visit and please let us know of your findings.

Harmony and Legacy

I think that the best way is to complain direct to the Sheikh Rashid (Ruler of Ajman)
Arra is just nothing!! they are with developer and not with investors!!
Was all organize! they still the money!!

Harmony and Legacy

They are all the same; Birds of the same feathers......! The Mafia!

Harmony and Legacy

I think the same. I invested in Chapal the Glory. I paid 95% of the instalments.

The guy who introduced me to this bizarre project was a guy called Franko. He is now Bankrupt. And he promised me the project will be completed in 3years.

By the way do you have any idea where this Developer Muhammad Amin Chapal is? We should get together and everybody pays some money to take him to Court. God I want to Kill him!

Guess it was all a con. £70000 of my hard earnt money down the Swaney.

Your post pod

Same story with me as well I have flat in same building the glory can pls share you contact detail planning make WhatsApp group if u r interested

Raees Qureshi

i have like 4 apartments in

i have like 4 apartments in D06 The Presidency, is anyone interested in meeting up all together and see what we can figure out all together?

Chapal Harmony

Two months ago I went to their office and was told that the owner has escaped and is now in Canada. They are going to restart a couple of projects in Dubai but not in Ajman. I have now contacted a lawyer in Dubai but it seems there is no hope. This is typical example of builders from Pakistan. No owner so no payment even if the court order him to pay. Their day to day business is handled
by a friend of the owner.

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Chapal The World developer is not paying our money back

Hi everyone. Any new update regarding Chapal projects? I want to join your group if you are taking legal action against Chapal. I have bought a unit in their Legacy Project in Emirat City, Ajman on 2007 and paid 52%. I was in their office six in June 2013 since there was no update on this project. They offered me other units in Dubai which was too expensive. Basically they wanted me to pay double of original price and get a studio instead of my 2 bedroom. I didn't had the money and after five days in Dubai and expending more money had to come back.

Now they are not replying to any email I am sending and avoiding me. I come to this side today with the hope to find a solution. Does anyone has any suggestion please?

Chapal The Presidency

Good day to all chapal investors
We are in. What should we do for our mutual benefit?

Chapal World

Chapal World are basically crooks. Unless their victims come together and find a way of chasing them, they will continue to operate under cover and not to respond to any inquiry from investors.

Chapal World

i bought an apartment in Chapal Glaory . i filled a a case against them and i won the case . but unfortunately , nothing was found under Chapal number they transferred all of their assets to another company . i lost the money that i paid to them plus 30000 AED lawyer and court expenses.Even the money we deposited in the escrow account disappeared. i have no doubt that a big hammor is behind this fucken guy .

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your court case

Can you post the name of your lawyer?


Dear Mr. Mahmoud,

can you please give your lawyer phone number?

I thank you in advance


Chapal the Glory

I have invested in Glory and paid 100% of the installments, I even do not know about their new office in Dubai, They are big crooks, if any one can help to have a meeting in Dubai and think what to do.
Emirate and Ajman authority is not helping any investors, even they have very bad procedure to take the case to the court, I think sheikhs in Emirate are shareholders of this companies and they are helping them to take our money. they are also big thief.

chapal glory

Hi ! Nida,

we are also in the same situation.paid 90%.Last week i met general manager of the company.lets hope the construction will start with in five months.

Glory ---

Hello ,

Anyone has any recent updates? I met the guys few days back and they are asking to swap the property which current finances doesnt allow? anyone's issue sorted with them?

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Would you mind explaining to whom you talked and the swap offer??? Thanks

Project The Glory

Planning to make contacts with all the Chapel Glory project investor making a what’s apps group please share your contact details

Thanks & Regards

Raees Qureshi
050-275 9899


Add my number 050 2667035

Rera View

Unfortunately we are not getting any support from ARRA.

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Court is the only option

Creating groups, sharing information, details and keeping everyone posted is all good stuff. Getting your voices on local radios and through media will definitely help BUT the only way and chance to get your money back is through court.
Now winning the case is something and getting the money back is something else as there is the possibility of not finding any funds tied up to the project in question or to the developer, however if you don't go to court and win the case there is nothing that can be done and no way on earth you can get refund.

I can see 3 options:

1/ Someone go through this first on his own, hire a lawyer and take them to court (I know it is a lot of hard work and very long process - 12 to 16 months) and keep everyone aware of the case. If case result of getting the investment back then all the rest of the group do the same (maybe this can be used as an incentive to the lawyer; there are many customers waiting the outcome to hire him if he succeed in getting money refunded)

2/ Everyone in the group to share together the cost of just one of the cases and go through the legal process and court (chosen strategically looking at all the cases, by vote or by a draw or something). If case won and money back then everyone will do the same

3/ Go to court together through one lawyer (class action): everyone will pay their part in the fee but bare in mind this might take much longer due to (some people will delay the case due to missing contracts, papers, not providing lawyer with everything required, also class action normally takes longer period due to complexity of case)

Good luck

Dear thank u for ur

Dear thank u for ur suggestion please note that if not take any intitative nothing will happen so it’s batter to always try n try at least we know we lost but we can try. Can you share ur contact detail

Raees Qureshi