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About us

This website is the portal of Emirates City - a new developing district in Ajman, UAE.
Indeed It's a virtual community of Home Owners, Office Owners and residents (in the future).
Although Other projects of Ajman and North Emirates can be discussed in this portal.

1- Informing/Reporting the news, events and progress of projects.
2- Cooperation and making decision about the affairs of projects seperately and aslo generall affairs.
3- Introducing and making people familiar with the Emirates City and its Towers (and also other districts of north emirates).
4- Helping the owners to sell and rent his/her flats and offices.

Making the Emirates City specialy and other districts of north emirates generally as one of the best districts for investment and life in the United Arab Emirates.

Editorial Board
Members of Editorial Board are as following:
1) dwarish
2) Imre
3) Ajman Bound
4) Oshourie
5) yusuf
6) I 2 Ajman
7) qeshmi
8 ) Mastercho
9) Musafir
10) ajmanflat
11) The Emiartse City
12) Josau
13) Ajman dream
14) akhiabani
15) qwetry1