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Hi everyone we have got this notice from sweethome.

Does any person get this notice for AED500/ unit?? Recently we have got this notice from sweet home. please let us know if any body authenticate it as well as deposit it. Notice is below please read.


Under the new directive, we received from Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency (ARRA) all buyers must undergo pre-registration process for the unit purchased and levied a fee of AED 500/- in cash not cheque for the same. It is mandatory.

I am living in Emirates City

I am living now in EC with my family situation is gradually improving, staying in your own propriety is not comparably with rent anywhere, EC in my opinion has a bright future its location is much better than any residential tower inside city of Ajman, EC has direct access to Dubai and Sharjah , supermarket and other services are operating now number of residence are increasing daily , may be EC in not like what we was dreaming earlier but it comes to reality and it’s going on day by day .

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Emirates city Facebook page !!

Emirates city Facebook page !!

Buying studio in Ajman Emirates city

Hello dear forum members,

My name is Sal Im from Iraq and saved money to buy a studio in the UAE.
My budget is not big, i have 200.000 AED.
For this budget i have 2 choices: A studio in garden city what is allready completed to move in, Or a 1 bedroom appartement in Emirates city.
The problem is almost all property companies and friends in the Uae dont advice me to buy in Emirates city in Ajman because it Will have problems to move in and also problems with electricity etc.

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Investors can cancel off-plan contracts

Investor can cancel off-plan contract
New Abu Dhabi law to regulate market takes effect from January 2016
By Parag Deulgaonkar
Published Tuesday, November 03, 2015
Property projects that face delays in starting or fail to complete can be cancelled by the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) as per the new property law issued in Abu Dhabi, a top UAE law firm said in a note issued on Monday.

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Ajyal Residency - PLOT D16

Dear All,

Is there any news about Ajyaal Residency Plot D16 in Emirates City. Has the plot being cancelled. Our developer Ajyal Holding LLC POBOX # 15100 ran away and the construction was (i guess ) not even started? Has anybody got any news if the construction on plot D16 (Ajyaal Residency) was started. What are our chances ??

Please get in touch with me directly if someone wants to Visit ARAA office . we go together 0557226496.


Ajman uptown

Hi all, i have just bought a property at ajman upyown from sweet home. LUCIDIA project. How is swethome? Is it a good developer? Do they handover ontime? Thanks for shairring.

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